What Brigaders Should Do

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As Shelley and I “go on the road again,” to promote State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, what are we asking Brigaders, friends, and well-wishers to do?

Simple: Help us get our message out, as we believe — nay, we know — an insider’s deal is cooking to have Congress, when it returns in September, or in a lame-duck session after the election, ram through a new McCain-Kennedy-Bush-La Raza immigration bill.

It is being called Hutchison-Pence for the Senate and House sponsors, both Republicans. What are its features, when all the blather about “Ellis Island Centers” is stripped away?

    1) Amnesty for virtually every illegal alien in the USA.

    2) A blanket pardon for every corrupt business that has hired illegal aliens and benefited from breaking U.S. immigration laws.

    3) The ceding to Corporate America of control of all future U.S. immigration, by empowering corporations to go abroad and hire workers in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, to come and take jobs at a fraction of the pay that working-and middle-class Americas need to support a family.

We chose this moment to launch State of Emergency, two weeks before Labor Day, to alert the good folks who have fought this battle with such great success this year, not to assume we have won, for the Bush-McCain Republicans and Kennedy-Clinton Democrats have not quit. They are colluding even as we speak.

Editorials are already popping up calling for “compromise,” while there are soothing words everywhere about “bringing us together” on a bill all can support. The bottom line is this:

Amnesty for illegals and a blanket pardon for businesses that hired them is the non-negotiable demand Corporate America is making on a Congress in which it has invested hundreds of millions in campaign cash.

The one force in America that can block this corrupt bargain is you. Let every member of Congress know that if they vote for Hutchison-Pence, you vote against them. What are we asking of you now. Simply this:

    A) Order today a copy of State of Emergency from Amazon.com by clicking on the book on our website. Each purchase adds to the number of sales in the first week of publication, which can put State of Emergency on the New York Times best-seller list. Our last three books — A Republic, Not an Empire, Death of the West, and Where the Right Went Wrong — all made it.

    B) If we can make the New York Times list, the book is then placed on special shelves in all bookstores where curious folks who hear about it might pick up in an impulse buy. That is the way we get our message out to those who have not heard or read it.

    C) For friends who are terribly busy, consider buying one of the book tapes of State of Emergency. This summer, I spent eleven hours reading the book into these tapes myself, rather than use an actor, so folks could both hear my message and appreciate how intensely I feel about it.

    D) If you prefer to buy from your local bookstore, excellent, but be sure to call first and make sure the book is in. As every author knows, there is often a lag time between publication and when the books arrive by stage coach in some cities and towns. If it is not in, politely ask when it will be in.

As Shelley and I head for New York, Linda will keep you up to date on our schedule, and we will try to convey how this new campaign is going. And we hope to hear from you with your thoughts, questions, and information about what is being said about the book, especially on the radio shows to which you listen. If they do not mention the book in discussing the immigration issue, call them and tell them about it.

Thanks, we hope to hear from you about our revived website, and what you think of the book. Next Friday, we will be back in D.C. and have time to review all of what you have sent.

Pat Buchanan

Make America Think Again! - Share Pat's Columns...

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