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Welcome, Buchanan Brigaders, friends, and visitors, to Buchanan.org.

Ever since my presidential campaigns of the 1990s, Linda Muller has been editor and publisher of this official Pat Buchanan website. For decades now, Linda has been publishing my columns, articles and speeches, and posting tapes and videos of my appearances on TV and radio.

We are now updating and expanding Buchanan.org because the great causes we championed in those 1990s campaign are blazing hot again.

Undeniably this is not the country we grew up in. But much remains of what is great and good about America that must be preserved. While tremendous ground has been lost in the culture war for the soul of America, social and moral conservatives and traditionalists are getting a second wind, fighting again for the Good Society and an inviolable right to life.

Since those campaigns, as we predicted, a third of all manufacturing jobs in America have disappeared, been outsourced, sent abroad. America has run $10 trillion in trade deficits. We are a weaker and more dependent country, industrially, than we were in 1992. But the new trade deals being cooked up by Obama and his Republican allies are running into headwinds on Capitol Hill.

More than 20 years ago, we called for control of our borders. Now we are living with the consequences of having failed to do so. But the final battle for preserving our culture and country lies ahead, and we intend to be in it.

On foreign policy, the ideas we advanced at the end of the Cold War are embraced today by a majority of Americans. After Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans want their leaders to start looking out for America first. We must stop fighting other countries’ wars and stop paying other countries’ bills.

Midsummer, I will be on the road promoting The Greatest Comeback, about Richard Nixon’s return from defeat and humiliation after losing to JFK and Gov. Pat Brown in 1962. It is a memoir of my three years with Nixon as he rebuilt a ruined career, reunited a divided Republican Party after the Goldwater defeat, and went on to win the Presidency of the United States.

If you want to keep track of all we are doing and saying, in all of these and other causes, as the post-Obama era approaches and the GOP decides which way to go, stay in touch with our website, and Linda will keep in touch with you. Hopefully, now that my book is done, we will be able to spend more time communicating with you.

Pat Buchanan

Make America Think Again! - Share Pat's Columns...