Of Rioters, Protesters & Patriots

Of Rioters, Protesters & Patriots

About the morality and justice of the rampage of rioting in the wake of Floyd’s death, and the sole riot at the Capitol, the media are the self-anointed judges. They decide which riots are benign and which are malignant, which should receive an empathetic response, and which should end with …

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Are 'Never Trumpers' the Future of the GOP?

Are ‘Never Trumpers’ the Future of the GOP?

If the past is any guide, not only are the reports of the death of Trumpism premature, the probability is that Trumpism has put down roots in our national politics that are not soon, if ever, going to be pulled up. Denouncing the $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill as a …

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Has America's Suez Moment Come?

Has America’s Suez Moment Come?

Can a nation so distracted, so divided, so at war with itself continue to meet all of the duties, obligations and commitments that are ours as the self-proclaimed “leader of the free world”? 2020 will surely qualify as an “annus horribilis” in the history of the Republic. By New Year’s, …

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Is America Up for a Naval War with China?

Is America Up for a Naval War with China?

Does anyone in Washington think the Chinese are going to give up their claims to the entire South China Sea or retreat from reasserting those claims because the U.S. now rejects them? Is the U.S., preoccupied with a pandemic and a depression that medical crisis created, prepared for a collision …

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Coexistence with China or Cold War II?

Coexistence with China or Cold War II?

On China, Trump is the first realist we have had in the Oval Office in decades. But both parties colluded in the buildup of China… The mighty malevolent China we face today was made in the USA. Under fire for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump, his …

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Behind Trump's Strategic Pivot

Behind Trump’s Strategic Pivot

Trump can make the case that while China was the origin of the Wuhan virus that killed scores of thousands of Americans, it was Donald J. Trump who led us through the tragedy, and he is leading us forward, once again, to a new prosperity. What will be Joe Biden’s …

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What Will Be the New American Cause?

What Will Be the New American Cause?

If Trump wins, borders will be tightened. The U.S. withdrawal from the Mideast will continue. U.S. manufacturing will begin to be repatriated. Transnational institutions will be downgraded, ignored and superseded. The watchword will be what it has lately been: “America First.” After the Great Pandemic has passed and we emerge …

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Will COVID-19 Retire the World's Policeman?

Will COVID-19 Retire the World’s Policeman?

Will this pandemic prove the decisive factor in America’s retreat from global hegemony? For declaring in March that the U.S. economy might be reopened by Easter, President Donald Trump was roundly mocked. Yet, it appears his political instincts were correct. He was more in tune with his country than were …

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