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Appreciation and Accolades for Pat Buchanan:

“Pat Buchanan might be the closest thing the American right has to a real-life Forrest Gump, that patriot from ordinary stock whose life journey positioned him to witness, influence and narrate the pivotal moments that shaped our modern world and changed the course of this country’s history.”
—Tim Alberta – Politico

“The two party establishments are mired in their orthodoxies, but Trump and his appointees are embodiments of the nationalism espoused by Pat Buchanan, the most influential public intellectual in America today.”
—David Brooks – The New York Times

“Memo to President Donald Trump and his team: Remember, when it comes time to bestow those Medals of Freedom, to lay one on Patrick J. Buchanan, with distinction. No one except Trump himself did more to give us the Trump years. And if the aim is to fill those years with achievement and steer clear of trouble, there’s not a man in America with more wisdom to offer.”
—Matthew Scully at The National Review

“The last time America saw a strong paleo-conservative was Pat Buchanan in 1996. An early win in Louisiana caused Buchanan to place second in Iowa and first in New Hampshire. Lacking money, Buchanan was steamrolled by the establishment in Arizona and, in terms of paleo-conservatism, many thought he was the Last of the Mohicans. Trump’s campaign is Buchananesque with one difference: Trump has money and can fend off any attack. He is establishment kryptonite.”
—Joe Murray – Orlando Sentinel

“Buchanan is an honest writer who … minces nothing except an occasional opponent.”
—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Nobody turns a sharp phrase, drops an historical reference, or makes a literary allusion as naturally as Pat Buchanan.”
—Human Events

“Buchanan is a muscular writer, fully in command of the English language he feels is under siege. He is adept at linking history, statistics, and the writings of philosophers and economists to proffer forceful arguments.”
—The Washington Post

“Mr. Buchanan … is positively fearless. He is also right.”
—Tony Blankley, The Washington Times

“His approach is that of a true conservative, offering a perspective rooted in American tradition initiated by Washington.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Make America Think Again! - Share Pat's Columns...