VIDEO: Tom Woods: I Couldn’t Stop Reading This Thing!

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Tom Woods – Tom Woods Podcast

When Pat Buchanan was barely 30 years old, a U.S. president would regularly ask, “What does Buchanan think about this?” Pat shares some interesting stories of his years inside the Nixon White House.

“Pat, you know I do the show five days a week and I have a lot of books to read but I can’t read them all. I have to use the press materials, but yours, and I blame you for this, I’ve been up night after night far too late and groggy the next day because I couldn’t stop reading this thing! Well I cannot imagine how exhilarating Pat Buchanan’s life must have been from the mid 60’s up to the early 70s but also extremely exhausting. Can you start by describing what your role and relationship with Nixon was like once you entered the White House…”

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