Who Voted for Clinton’s Revolution?

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by Patrick J. Buchanan – July 1, 1997

A week ago, Bill Clinton invited a dozen African American columnists to the White House to brief them on his racial goals. “We want to become a multiracial, multiethnic society,” the president confided. “This will arguably be the third great revolution …. to prove that we literally can live without … having a dominant European culture.”

Clinton then headed west to exult in the fact that California’s white folks are about to lose their majority status: “Within the next three years here in California, no single race or ethnic group will make up a majority of the state’s population. … A half century from now, there will be no majority race in America.”

O happy day! Clearly, Clinton did not much like the ethnic makeup of the country he grew up in, 90 percent of which was of European descent. Gratified that our white population has fallen below 75 percent, he looks forward to the day when it drops below 50. Perhaps we can have a Bicentennial-type celebration.

Certainly historian John Hope Franklin, chairperson of Clinton’s commission on race, might have some exciting ideas, as he lately chortled to students at Duke that the U.S.A. is soon going to “be a place George Washington would not recognize.”

Question: When did we Americans vote for a revolution to overturn our ethnic and racial balances? When did we vote to rid America of her “dominant European culture”? Answer: never.

Clinton’s revolution is the end goal of immigration policies bitterly opposed by that vast majority of Americans who want a moratorium on immigration. Elitist and anti-democratic, Clinton’s revolution is being imposed from the top down, on a resistant people, to re-shape the country their grandchildren shall live in.

For the first 180 years of her existence, America’s greatest men strove with all their powers to resist what Clinton embraces and to maintain what Clinton wishes to terminate: a “dominant European culture” of the United States.

These American leaders sought to strengthen our European ethnic core. They believed it vital to the unity and survival of the nation. Indeed, after the great immigration wave from Southern and Eastern Europe between 1890 and 1920, the United States cut back sharply on all immigration and restricted it almost exclusively to Europeans. Adopted by Cal Coolidge, the policy was pursued by FDR, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, who, alarmed at the numbers of illegal aliens in the country, undertook

During debate on the Immigration Act of 1965, which triggered the recent flood-tide, Sen. Edward Kennedy took pains, as did LBJ, to assure the nation no change in its demography would result.

America was deceived. Yet, today, those who believed the old America was a good place worth preserving are called nativists, racists and xenophobes. But the true racism is the revulsion of the Clintonites toward that good old country and their crowing that, in decades, “there will be no majority race,” no “dominant European culture.” In their hearts, many of these “multiculturalists” loathe the old America we grew up in and loved.

Republicans are too intimidated and paralyzed by the ruling political correctness to resist a Clinton “revolution” that would have ignited a real revolution not so very long ago. But Clinton’s goal of turning America into a Xerox copy of the United Nations needs to be debated. First, because the United Nations is a cacophonous disaster area. And second, because Western nations are being torn to pieces over issues Clinton treats as irrelevancies: ethnicity, race, religion and culture.

Tribalism is producing massacres in Africa. A religious-cultural conflict in Bosnia produced genocide. The Soviet Union has been ripped to pieces along the lines of religion, ethnicity and culture. Czechoslovakia split in half over an ethnic-religious feud. Canada is breaking in two because of language and culture.

And America is not immune. Recent decades have witnessed the proliferation of ethnic gangs, hate crimes, resegregated campuses, urban riots and a deepening racial division as manifest in reaction to the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial. And we are only halfway to Clinton’s paradise. What will it be like when we get there? And do we have a choice on whether we go?

Time for a national debate on a “time out” on immigration — to scout the horizon, to see if it is truly the Promised Land that lies just over the hill.

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