Buchanan: Anti-interventionism is On the Rise in the GOP

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By Jeff Poor, Media Reporter – Listen at The Daily Caller

On Laura Ingraham’s Monday radio show, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said the anti-interventionist foreign policy views of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul are catching on.

Buchanan, author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?,” took particular aim at conservative editor Bill Kristol, who on Sunday said Paul is “running to the left of the Obama administration.”

“I think Bill Kristol is pretty much on all fours with Lindsey Graham and John McCain,” Buchanan said.

“And I think the country — even the Republican Party, which is still very hawkish, I think has soured on the wars. I mean, what did we gain with all these losses in blood and treasure and diversion and all the rest of it? And they don’t want any more wars. But there’s no doubt about it — within the Republican Party, if your raising, you know beating the drum, and say we’re going to stand up to x, y and z, Republican tend historically to respond.

But I do think this: Rand Paul-Ron Paul-Pat Buchanan, if you will, anti-interventionist position is growing in strength and numbers. And if you antagonize and alienate that now, and you go for hard for a McCain position, I think you cannot win the presidency in the United States. You may still win the nomination.”

Buchanan said Paul’s dramatic speaking filibuster earlier in the month exposed just how much support he now commands. “Rand Paul … pretty much owns … the old social conservative movement, the right-to-life folks, the people with moral traditional values…

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