Buchanan: Take the China Test

Reviewed by Brett M. Decker – The Washington Times

I went to a dealership last weekend to check out an All-American muscle car, but it didn’t turn out to be all-American at all. As listed on the window sticker, the domestic content was only 55 percent. The transmission, one of the most important components on the vehicle – especially for a performance machine – was manufactured in China.

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The Last Conservative, Pat Buchanan

by By Jeffrey T. Kuhner – The Washington Times Is America in its twilight years? Patrick J. Buchanan argues it is. Americans, especially conservatives, should heed his warnings. The very future of our republic is at stake. Mr. Buchanan has written the political book of the year – and maybe …

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Launching Buchanan.org

Welcome back, Brigaders and friends, to Buchanan.org. Linda Muller, the lady who introduced me to the web back in 1995, and ran the Buchanan Brigade website in two presidential campaigns, has restarted Buchanan.org for a new campaign. Only this one is not to launch a presidential candidacy, but my book, …

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