The Rise of Sovereignty Fears

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History Knows Where It’s Going”, exulted the April 15 full-page ad in the New York Times. Dates and names preceded:

“1944, Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank.”
“1945, San Francisco: The United Nations.”
“1994, Marrakech: The World Trade Organization.”

Marrakech had just given birth, said the ad, to “the third pillar of the New World Order.” Thus did America cross yet another frontier on her long march into captivity. Peter Sutherland, director general of GATT (the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), described the great leap forward:

“The old GATT procedure effectively had no ability to impose sanctions on the guilty…. The new system will have an appeals body to rule…. The judgment on appeal will have to be accepted…. If reports are adopted but not adequately implemented within a reasonable period, sanctions can be imposed upon the recalcitrant country.”

Translation: If Washington imposes tariffs on Tokyo, and the WTO disapproves, the WTO can order the lifting of those tariffs, and impose sanctions on the United States should we fail to comply. U.S. voting power on the WTO equals that of Bangladesh.

The glittering bribe the globalists are extending to us is this: Enhanced access to global markets –in exchange for your national sovereignty!

Washington, thou shouldst be living at this hour!

But the surrender at Marrakech was not the only April defeat for those desperate to stop the erosion of American sovereignty.

“On the day 15 Americans died from friendly fire over Iraq”, reported columnist Robert Novak, “Vice President Al Gore — in Marrakech, Morocco — extended condolences “to the families of those who died in the service of the United Nations.”

In Bosnia, U.S. fighter-bombers were ordered into action by a British general, who first had to get the approval of a U.N. Japanese diplomat. President Clinton was not even in the loop.

Earlier, Michel Camdessus of the International Monetary Fund — the James McDougal of the New World Order — urged his board to approve a $1 billion loan to Algeria, supplemented by $1.5 billion from the World Bank. Driven by a guerrilla war launched by Islamic fundamentalists, Algeria is disintegrating. But the Islamic Salvation Front warns it will not honor the IMF debts. In which case, they would be made good by U.S. taxpayers.

But $2.5 billion is walking around money compared with the heist the Inter-American Development Bank just pulled off. On April 11, finance officials from 45 nations met in Mexico to pump up IADB’s capital from $60 billion to $100 billion, allowing the bank to raise annual lending to $7 billion, three times what it was in the Reagan era. Half the new loans would go to “social needs.”

Like Gulliver asleep, we are having our pockets picked, while being tied down with strands of thread that will one day have the strength of steel cables.

Perhaps in the Cold War there was a need to shore up foreign regimes, to keep them “loyal.” But, now, like Pinocchio, the World Bank, IMF and IADB have taken on a life of their own. With massive U.S. funding and U.S loan guarantees, they are siphoning off America’s wealth, shipping it off to corrupt and incompetent regimes from China to Vietnam to India to Africa to Latin America.

Now, liberals believe in the redistribution of wealth; they have a visceral recoil to capitalism, and they feel the United States must make restitution for its sins. Like guilt-ridden heirs to a mighty fortune, they delight in squandering their inherited wealth on causes the old man would have despised. Revenge on their forebears. But why do Republicans approve of the socialist international’s agenda? Can they not see that America is being bled white?

There are signs, however, that the GOP is recognizing that the sovereignty issue is becoming the patriotism issue of the ’90s.

Arizona’s John McCain has become the Senate’s lead voice for a national interest-based foreign policy. Sen. Bob Dole is demanding that U.S. troops fight only under American flags and U.S. commanders. Newt Gingrich, who delivered for Mr. Clinton on the North American Free Trade Agreement, is balking at the GATT treaty’s inclusion of a WTO. “I am for world trade ‘ Newt said on “Meet the Press ‘ “but I am against world government.”

The GATT treaty signed in Marrakech is a 29,000-page, 300-pound monster. Article One, slipped in during the final hours, contains the WTO. If Congress can strangle this snake in its crib, it could prove a decisive battle in a second war of American independence, to recapture U.S. sovereignty from faceless global bureaucrats who view our country as but a vast, rich province to be plundered and looted on behalf of their New World Order.

Whether it be foreign aid, or free trade, intervention or not, what is imperative is that only Americans decide America’s destiny.

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