In Defense of Sam Francis By Paul Gottfried

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By Paul Gottfried at Chronicles Magazine

Conservatives preoccupied with the intellectual scarecrow of white racism—rather than the concrete reality of antiwhite racism promoted by our state, educational system, and media—are misguided. Indeed, most of what Francis produced on that delicate subject was in response to the mind-deadening repetition of antiwhite tirades on the left.

Open season has been declared on the late and longtime Chronicles columnist Samuel Francis. Evidence for this can be found in, among other places, a diatribe recently published by political journalist Michael Lind in Tablet, “The Importance of James Burnham.”

Lind started his essay by analyzing Burnham but then segued into unkind remarks about Burnham’s chief exponent, Francis. He was bothered, he says, by the way Francis casually referred to himself in conversation as a “fascist.”

But allow me to move from 1988, where Lind places this incident, to an earlier discussion at my home in Bethesda, Maryland, in 1987 between Francis and Lind, both of whom had been invited for a cookout. There, as our two guests engaged in friendly banter in the living room, Francis described himself jokingly as a “fascist,” and Lind responded with an amiable smile. There was no indication that he took umbrage, and the two left together, from all appearances, as friends. Indeed, from Lind’s remarks, it would seem they saw each other again…

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