China's Path to Power

China’s Path to Power

Across the Pacific, a nation that studied how America rose, and watched as America declined, chose a different path. China adopted and pursued a China First policy of economic nationalism. For decades, before a heedless congregation, some of us have preached the old Hamiltonian gospel. Great nations do not have …

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How to Bring Manufacturing Back Home

In July, our trade deficit hit yet another all-time record, $68 billion, an annual rate of $816 billion. Imports surged to $188 billion for the month, as our dependency on foreigners for the vital necessities of our national life ever deepens. China’s trade surplus with us was $19.6 billion for …

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What Weirton Does Not Know

In the tiny West Virginia town of Weirton, population 22,000, thousands marched last week to save Weirton Steel, the heart of their community. If the steel plant goes under, and its 4,400 workers lose their jobs, the town dies. It is as simple as that. What is threatening Weirton Steel …

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Steel Dump for the World

Fourteen years ago, foreign steel producers began dumping heavily into the U.S. market, choking America’s industry near to death. Big Steel went to the president. Ronald Reagan listened and acted. On Sept. 22, 1984, he took to the airwaves to denounce “predatory practices” that had made America a “steel dump …

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A Resurgent U.S. Nationalism

Before Congress adjourns, yet another test of strength is coming between the disciples of globalism and the forces of a resurgent U.S. patriotism. The issue is “fast track,” a bill to strip Congress of all authority to amend trade treaties. Under fast track, once the Clintonites negotiate a trade deal, …

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