The New Patriotism

The New Patriotism

1999: Announcement Speech – Falls Church, Virginia Good morning. Today, I am ending my lifelong membership in the Republican Party, and my campaign for its nomination; and I am declaring my intention to seek the nomination of the Reform Party for the presidency of the United States. This decision was …

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What Weirton Does Not Know

In the tiny West Virginia town of Weirton, population 22,000, thousands marched last week to save Weirton Steel, the heart of their community. If the steel plant goes under, and its 4,400 workers lose their jobs, the town dies. It is as simple as that. What is threatening Weirton Steel …

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Steel Dump for the World

Fourteen years ago, foreign steel producers began dumping heavily into the U.S. market, choking America’s industry near to death. Big Steel went to the president. Ronald Reagan listened and acted. On Sept. 22, 1984, he took to the airwaves to denounce “predatory practices” that had made America a “steel dump …

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An America First Coalition — To Save Steel

Because the victory came after reporters left for the weekend, Friday’s historic vote never received the coverage it deserved. But that evening, an America First trade coalition was born, revealing its power by crushing the speaker’s own bill to renew “fast track” — Congress’ surrender of all rights to amend …

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Europe: The Artificial Nation

The European Union possesses none of the attributes of a nation — a common language, culture, history and heroes… Its internal contradictions and the natural disposition of all nations to put their own interests first will confound this utopian superstate… “The real divisions of our time,” writes the scholar Christian …

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The Rise of Sovereignty Fears

History Knows Where It’s Going”, exulted the April 15 full-page ad in the New York Times. Dates and names preceded: “1944, Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank.” “1945, San Francisco: The United Nations.” “1994, Marrakech: The World Trade Organization.” Marrakech had just given birth, said the ad, to …

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