40 Years Later, Still Trying to Define Presidential Power

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By Peter Baker – The New York Times

Patrick J. Buchanan celebrates Nixon in “The Greatest Comeback,” recalling the 1968 election he won after his previous defeats….

Talk of impeachment is in the air. A handful of conservatives issue statements and sell T-shirts promoting an impeachment their party leaders consider a fool’s errand. Democrats beat the drums even louder, raising money by scaring supporters into taking it seriously.

If history seems intent on repeating itself as farce, the events of recent days have served as a reminder that 40 years after President Richard M. Nixon resigned in the face of impending impeachment, the nation he left behind is still struggling to define the contours of presidential power and the nature of political accountability.

As the anniversary of his fall arrives this week, Watergate has faded into a few pages in a history book or a cliché to pull out in a news conference or a suffix to attach to some new scandal-gate. More than half of Americans were not alive when Nixon resigned and many others were too young to remember it. But a series of new books, documentaries, panel discussions and television programs has opened a re-examination of a dark and difficult period in American history….

Patrick J. Buchanan celebrates Nixon in The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority, recalling the 1968 election he won after his previous defeats….

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