End Clinton’s War Now!

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 28, 1999 Outwitted and defied by a crafty and ruthless Balkan dictator, NATO is now smashing a tiny country to retrieve its lost credibility, and restore a status quo ante that existed before it began this war. The great issue now dividing the warring parties — Slobodan Milosevic wants […]

Whitehouse is Our Worst Security Risk

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 14, 1999 SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS Whether Wen Ho Lee should have kept his top-secret clearance at Los Alamos years after being fingered as a suspected spy misses the point. It is not Lee; it is this White House that has become an unacceptable national security risk for the […]

A Republic Not An Empire

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 8, 1999 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Citadel, South Carolina We must restore this nation’s military power… America must retrench and America must rearm. General Grinalds, distinguished guests, and friends of the Citadel. It is truly an honor to address this last graduating class of the 20th century — and a truly […]

Buchanan in Defense of His Stance on Taxes

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 3, 1999 Letter to the Editor – THE BOSTON GLOBE In his April 22 news story, Michael Kranish suggests that I am saying one thing about taxes in New Hampshire and another in Texas (“Candidate’s stances vary with audience,” Page A1). Not true. For a decade I have argued […]