Corruption in the Schools

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 6, 2007 Fifty years ago this October, Americans were jolted by the news that Moscow, one year after drowning the Hungarian Revolution in blood, had put an 80-pound satellite into Earth orbit. In December, the U.S. Navy tried to replicate the feat. Vanguard got four feet off the ground […]

Fresh Troops – Or Fresh Thinking?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 2, 2007 Six years after Donald Rumsfeld agreed to a second tour of duty as secretary of defense, to rebuild the military, Chief of Staff Peter Schoomaker told Congress his Army “will break” if not relieved of the present burdens. Colin Powell says the Army is “almost broken.” This […]

Free Trade and Funny Math

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 27, 2007 To the devout libertarian, free trade is not a policy option to be debated, but a dogma to be defended. Nowhere is this truer than at that lamasery of libertarianism, the Cato Institute. But with America running the worst trade deficits in history, the monks are having […]

Make Europe Pay Us Tribute

by Patrick J. Buchanan The Brits are going home. Forty thousand marched in beside the Americans. Only 7,100 remain; 1,600 will be heading home by Easter. By August, the Danish force of 470 is to be withdrawn, as is the tiny Lithuanian unit. South Korea has 2,200 troops in the Kurdish north. Though they rarely […]

Baghdad On the Potomac?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 20, 2007 Both houses of Congress have now gone on record opposing Bush’s dispatch of 21,500 more troops to Iraq, yet neither house is willing to end U.S. involvement by cutting off funding for the war. Transparently, this is not a strategy for victory. It is a hold-the-line, stay-the-course […]

An American Auto Graveyard

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 16, 2007 On Valentine’s Day, Chrysler sent a bouquet to its North American workers. Eleven thousand manufacturing jobs will be eliminated in the next 24 months – 9,000 in the states and 2,000 in Canada – and 2,000 white-collar workers will be let go, permanently. The SUV assembly plant […]

The Time of the Yankees

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 14, 2007 Saturday afternoon, writing in the basement, I took a break to surf the Internet. A headline caught me up short. “Hank Bauer dies.” The name means nothing to Americans under 60. But to a grade-schooler in the 1940s and 1950s, who looked on the New York Yankees […]

Does Putin Not Have a Point?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – February 13, 2007 “A soft answer turneth away wrath,” teaches Proverbs 1:15. Our new secretary of defense, Roberts Gates, seems familiar with the verse, for his handling of Saturday’s wintry blast from Vladimir Putin at the Munich security conference was masterful. “As an old Cold Warrior, one of yesterday’s speeches […]