The Greatest Comeback by Pat Buchanan

Book Review: The Rebirth of Richard Nixon’s Political Career

By John R. Coyne Jr. – Special to The Washington Times In the 1960s, the country was running out of control — race riots, cities burning, assassinations, campus anarchy. The producers who did the nation’s work and paid its taxes saw their beliefs mocked, their children proselytized and radicalized on …

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The Greatest Comeback

Ben Stein on Buchanan’s New Book, The Greatest Comeback

By Ben Stein – The American Spectator I spent a good chunk of the day reading Pat Buchanan’s amazingly fine new book, The Greatest Comeback, on his association with Richard Nixon from late 1965 until Nixon’s amazing victory in the ’68 election for President. The book is a masterpiece. Others, …

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The Greatest Comeback

Nixon’s the One

Book Review by Scott McConnell – The American Conservative I’ve spent the day reading Pat Buchanan’s The Great Comeback—his history cum memoir of Richard Nixon’s capture of the 1968 Republican nomination, and then the presidency. Buchanan was a key part of this. Hired as a 27-year-old who had spent three …

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A Warring Visionary

by Tom Piatak – Chronicles Magazine The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan British scholar Timothy Stanley has produced the first significant biography of Patrick J. Buchanan, describing his life from his boyhood in Washington, D.C., up to the present. Stanley’s book is written in a breezy, …

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Pat Buchanan: The Noble Relic

by John Derbyshire – Taki’s Magazine Has Pat Buchanan been fired from MSNBC, or hasn’t he? He hasn’t been seen on the channel since October, when his last book came out. (I reviewed it for Taki’s Mag here.) MSNBC president Phil Griffin said a month ago that Pat was being …

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Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul, the Internet and Ethnic Politics in the 21st Century

By The Daily Bell Daily Bell: Everyone knows who you are but let’s pretend they don’t. Give us some background on yourself and how you have come to your current success. Give us a sense of your intellectual development. Pat Buchanan: I went to journalism school right after college and …

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The Mob vs. the Statesman

By Tom Piatak – Chronicles Magazine

For two decades now, Pat Buchanan has been warning us of the dangers our country faces. When he first started sounding the alarm, at the end of the Cold War, those dangers were hard to perceive. Now, they are hard to ignore. Pointless wars in the Mideast have resulted in thousands of American casualties and the waste of hundreds of billions of dollars. Our trade policies have led to the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs and 50,000 factories and an increasing dependence on foreign nations, which both provide us with goods we no longer make and own our debt.

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