Buchanan Event: What the Heck Just Happened With the Midterm Elections?

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A post-election conversation and book signing with New York Times Best-Selling Author Pat Buchanan and RARE.us Managing Editor Jack Hunter

Political Trends After the 2014 Election

A RARE opportunity to spend the evening with Pat Buchanan followed by a book signing!

Plan now to be at a Rare event on November 6th when Pat Buchanan and Jack Hunter will chew over the lessons of the midterm elections. Plus, we can officially start talking nonstop about the 2016 presidential election!

Crown Forum Publishers, All News 99.1 WNEW FM, and RARE TM  “America’s News Feed” invite you for an evening of analysis and insight with one of the most influential thought leaders in American Politics, Pat Buchanan. In the aftermath of one of the most contentious mid-term election cycles in history, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Hunter will chart the course of the United States over the next two years when America will hold a referendum on its ideals in the 2016 Presidential Election.

It’s going to be an awesome event that political junkies won’t want to miss!

Join Rare, Crown Forum Publishers and All News 99.1 at WNEW’s shiny new studios on Half Street in Washington, DC.

Live webcast also available – Info and RSVP at: EventBright.com

All News 99.1 WNEW Studios
1015 Half Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

Thursday, November 6, 2014 from 6:00 PM (EST)

Cost: Free!

Read more and RSVP at Rare.us….

Make America Think Again! - Share Pat's Columns...