James K. Polk: Forgotten Great

As America debates whether to send tens of thousands more troops to Afghanistan, in the ninth year of a war for ends we cannot discern, a riveting new history recalls times when Americans fought for vital national interests.

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America 2050: A Nation of Turtles

Does it matter who was the 300-millionth “American”? Indeed, it does. If it was a baby born to an American, that is wonderful news. If it was a baby born to an illegal alien, it means we have lost control of our borders. And as Ronald Reagan said, a country …

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The NAFTA Superhighway: Coming Soon

This is a “mind-boggling concept,” exploded Lou Dobbs. It must cause Americans to think our political and academic elites have “gone utterly mad.” What had detonated the mild-mannered CNN anchor? Robert Pastor, vice chair of the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force on North America, had just appeared before a …

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