Pat Buchanan Says Donald Trump is the Future of the Republican Party

By Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post As I’ve watched and listened to Donald Trump’s campaign pitch over the past few months, I am regularly reminded of the Republican presidential primary campaigns that Pat Buchanan ran in the 1990s. Buchanan ran as a “pitchfork populist” in those elections, an outsider fed …

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Pat Buchanan

Pitchfork Politics

From The Economist A pioneer of Trump-style populism wonders if it can succeed in today’s America BEFORE Donald Trump, there was Patrick Buchanan. More than two decades before Mr Trump kicked over the Republican tea table, Mr Buchanan, a former speechwriter and White House aide to Presidents Richard Nixon and …

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Winners and Losers 2015

Winners & Losers: 2015

Each year, “The McLaughlin Group,” the longest-running panel show on national TV, which began in 1982, announces its awards for the winners and losers and the best and the worst of the year. Rereading my list of 39 awardees suggests something about how our world is changing. As “Person of …

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Can Trump Be Stopped?

Can Trump Be Stopped?

Three months ago, this writer sent out a column entitled, “Could Trump Win?” meaning the Republican nomination. Today even the Trump deniers concede the possibility. And the emerging question has become: “Can Trump be stopped? And if so, where, and by whom?” Consider the catbird seat in which The Donald …

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Pat Buchanan Was Right

Pat Buchanan Was Right – On the Iraq War, Abortion, Trade Deals and More

By Craig Shirley – You can’t say he didn’t warn us. Pat Buchanan, the conservative political commentator and former senior adviser to Ronald Reagan, warned against going to war for Kuwait. He warned against the siren song of unfavorable trade deals. He warned against political correctness. And he warned …

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Is It Really All Our Fault?

Is It Really All Our Fault?

As Middle America rises in rage against “fast track” and the mammoth Obamatrade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, The Wall Street Journal has located the source of the malady. Last Monday’s lead editorial began: “Here we go again. In the 1990s Pat Buchanan launched a civil war within the …

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Obama's Republican Collaborators

Obama’s Republican Collaborators

The GOP swept to victory in November by declaring that this imperial presidency must be brought to heel, and President Obama’s illicit seizures of Congressional power must end. That was then. Now is now. This week, Congress takes up legislation to cede His Majesty full authority to negotiate the largest …

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Will the GOP Capitulate Again?

Will the GOP Capitulate Again?

“Free trade results in giving our money, our manufactures, and our markets to other nations,” warned the Republican Senator from Ohio and future President William McKinley in 1892. “Thank God I am not a free-trader,” echoed the rising Empire State Republican and future President Theodore Roosevelt. Those were the voices …

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