A Republic, Not an Empire – Full Leather Bound Edition and Signed by Pat Buchanan

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A Republic, Not an Empire
Reclaiming America’s Destiny

A Republic, Not an Empire is Pat Buchanan’s erudite and eloquent plea for a new American foreign policy. To avoid a future of endless war, he offers a new policy rooted in America’s greatest traditions.

This is the story of how American statesmen, through vision and courage, quadrupled the size of our Republic in a single century to A Republic Not an Empire - Leather-300create the most remarkable nation the world had ever seen. This is also the story of how twentieth-century presidents abandoned George Washington’s “great rule” – to avoid permanent alliances and stay out of foreign wars – and led this country into global conflagrations that changed America and the world forever, and not always for the better.

For the first time ever, A Republic, Not an Empire is offered as a deluxe SIGNED leather bound edition. This magnificent volume makes a great gift, even for yourself!


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from 1999
Pat Buchanan signs copies
of  A Republic Not an Empire

A Republic Not an Empire Book Signing
Book Review:

Buchanan’s A Republic
Not an Empire
– A Manifesto for the New
AntiWar Movement

“The blood chills as Patrick Buchanan ticks off the lengthening list of U.S. military commitments abroad — commitments that someday may have to be honored with American blood: America has taken on the historic roles of the German empire in keeping Russia out of Europe, of the Austrian empire in policing the Balkans, of the British Empire in patrolling the oceans and sea lanes and protecting the Persian Gulf, of the Ottoman empire in keeping peace in the Holy Land, of the Japanese empire in defending Korea and containing China, and of the Spanish empire in Latin America. Thus, we have undertaken to come to the defense of half a hundred nations around the world on a defense budget that is less than 3 percent of GDP.” — Conservative Book Club


This volume is luxuriously bound in genuine leather and embellished with gold stamping of an original design. The raised bands across the spine are distinctive of the classic bookmaker’s art. Specially commissioned marbelized endleaves are reminiscent of fine Old World editions. Coordinating headbands grace both ends of the spine and add strength. The acid-free leaves are Smyth-sewn; their edges are gilded for additional protection and elegance. A permanent silk ribbon marker ensures easy reference.

The full leather bound edition of A Republic, Not an Empire by Pat Buchanan is available right now. Supplies may be limited!

Please place your order today to ensure immediate delivery. And as always – Shipping and handling are FREE!

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