The Squalid Politics of War

by Patrick J. Buchanan Majority Leader Harry Reid is being lacerated, and justifiably so, for a pair of statements about the war in Iraq. The more widely quoted is the “war is lost” remark of April 19, which, read in context, amounts to a charge of rankest cynicism against President Bush and his War Cabinet. […]

Abortion is Back – in 2008

by Patrick J. Buchanan Partial-birth abortion is a grisly and revolting procedure. An unborn baby is brought halfway out of the birth canal, then has scissors rammed into its skull and its brains sucked out for easier passage. Sen. Pat Moynihan called it “infanticide.” Seventeen Senate Democrats defied the feminist fanatics to vote to outlaw […]

Too Much Tolerance

by Patrick J. Buchanan Cho Seung-Hui did not live the life he wanted. But on Monday, on the Blacksburg campus of Virginia Tech, Cho ended his life the way he wanted. And because of those two hours of slaughter and suicide, Cho attained the immortality he craved. He carried out the killings – and we […]

Wolfie’s Bank

by Patrick J. Buchanan Barracks language edited out, Tommy Franks once referred to the Pentagon’s No. 3, Doug Feith, as “the dumbest guy on the planet.” It now appears Gen. Franks’ honorific better applies to Feith’s boss, the Pentagon No. 2, Paul Wolfowitz. For a man once hailed as the brightest of the neocons, Wolfie […]

The Imus Lynch Party

by Patrick J. Buchanan In the end, it was not about Imus. It was about us. Are we really a better country because, after he was publicly whipped for 10 days as the worst kind of racist, with whom no decent person could associate, he was thrown off the air? Cards on the table. This […]

What Lack of Courage Cost

by Patrick J. Buchanan As Chairman Carl Levin of Senate Armed Services conceded Sunday, Congress is not going to de-fund the war in Iraq, even if Bush vetoes every Democratic timetable for withdrawal. The war will go on – backed by a Democratic Congress. If Majority Leader Reid is not bluffing about his threat to […]

PJB – 1994: Of Truth and Tolerance… at Easter

This is one of my favorite PJB columns. He wrote it in 1994, but it could have been written this morning! May Christ bless all of you and your families this Easter! ——— Of Truth and Tolerance… at Easter by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 3, 1994 “Truly, this was the Son of God.” So […]

Magnanimous Mahmoud

by Patrick J. Buchanan The Easter pardon by Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the 15 British sailors and Marines, seized by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in waters off the Iraqi coast, two weeks ago, ends the crisis. And as the beaming smile of President Ahmadinejad, as he graciously accepted apologies from the sailors and Marines, testifies, there […]