The New World Order GOP

by Patrick J. Buchanan A federal program, Ronald Reagan used to say, is the closest thing to eternal life here on earth. Even the Gipper conceded he failed to get control of the federal behemoth. At least he tried. But what can be said for the conservative movement today, as one witnesses the Wall Street […]

Rudy’s Party – or Reagan’s?

by Patrick J. Buchanan “After months of conflicting signals on abortion, Rudolph W. Giuliani is planning to offer a forthright affirmation of his support for abortion rights in public forums, television appearances and interviews in coming days,” writes the New York Times. If true, it marks either the beginning of the end of the Giuliani […]

Jamestown As It Never Was

by Patrick J. Buchanan On the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement, Queen Elizabeth II arrived to commemorate the great occasion. And it took some fancy footwork for Her Majesty to run the Powhatan gauntlet. For Her Majesty had been to Jamestown before, 50 years ago, in a less progressive era. As the Associated Press […]

U.S. On the Hook for Tallinn

by Patrick J. Buchanan All week, young toughs in Moscow have besieged the Estonian embassy to harass Ambassador Marina Kaljurand. Her bodyguards had to use a mace-like spray to drive back the thugs, who call Estonia a “fascist country.” Estonian diplomats and their families are being pulled out of Moscow and sent home. Relations between […]

The Dark Side of Diversity

by Patrick J. Buchanan Since the massacre of 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech, the mainstream media have obsessed over the fact the crazed gunman was able to buy a Glock in the state of Virginia. Little attention has been paid to the Richmond legislators who voted to make “Hokie Nation,” a Middle American […]

The Squalid Politics of War

by Patrick J. Buchanan Majority Leader Harry Reid is being lacerated, and justifiably so, for a pair of statements about the war in Iraq. The more widely quoted is the “war is lost” remark of April 19, which, read in context, amounts to a charge of rankest cynicism against President Bush and his War Cabinet. […]