Trump & The Post: Whose Side Is Mitt On?

If there is a more anti-Trump organ in the American establishment than The Washington Post, it does not readily come to mind. Hence, in choosing to send his op-ed attack on President Donald Trump to the Post, Mitt Romney was collaborating with an adversary of his party and his president. …

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Will Paris Riots Scuttle Climate Accord?

In Katowice, Poland, all the signers of the 2015 Paris climate accord are gathered to assess how the world’s nations are meeting their goals to cut carbon emissions. Certainly, the communications strategy in the run-up was impressive. In October came that apocalyptic U.N. report warning that the world is warming …

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The New Blacklist

The New Blacklist

“There is a gay mafia,” said Bill Maher, “if you cross them you do get whacked.” Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time,” was talking about the gay activists and their comrades who drove Brendan Eich out as CEO of Mozilla. Eich, who invented JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla in 1998, …

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A U.N. Court for the New World Order

Lest we forget, the United Nations is not a neutral and objective body that embraces Western ideals. It is a politicized forum of nations, many of whose leaders harbor a deep animus against the United States. To grant it the sovereign power to arrest, prosecute and imprison leaders and soldiers …

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