Bush Takes a Stand for America First

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 8, 2002 In slamming 30 percent tariffs on imported steel, President Bush did more than keep his word to U.S. steelworkers. He sent a Reaganite message to the world: “I’m a free trader, but I put America first.” Just as Ronald Reagan imposed quotas on steel being dumped in […]

Why Does Islam Hate America?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 5, 2002 Despite Sen. Trent Lott’s demand that we all fall in behind the commander in chief, the Senate has a constitutional duty to debate the wider war the president has begun to pursue. Far from being unpatriotic, such a debate is the quintessence of patriotism. In World War […]

The Great Condom Fraud and Cover-Up

By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 1, 2002 “I believe condoms [are] part of the solution to the HIV/AIDS crisis, and I encourage their use by young people who are sexually active. You’ve got to protect yourself. … Forget about taboos, forget about conservative ideas. … It’s the lives of young people that are put […]

The Hollowing Out of America

By Patrick J. Buchanan – February 26, 2002 What does conservatism stand for in 2002? What is it we wish to conserve? “Work, family, faith, community, country.” Were these not what Ronald Reagan celebrated? Yet consider what is happening to community, country and work in America because of the free-trade zealotry of the Clintonites and […]

Courting Another Beirut Bombing

Patrick J. Buchanan – February 22, 2002 It was the greatest mistake of the Reagan presidency. Yet, President Bush seems about to repeat it. In 1982, Reagan was persuaded to place U.S. Marines between Israelis and Palestinian fighters holed up in Beirut. The Marines went ashore to ensure peaceful passage of the PLO out of […]

Desert Storm II?

By Patrick J. Buchanan – February 19, 2002 With his “Axis of Evil” speech threatening Iraq, Iran and North Korea with war if they deploy “weapons of mass destruction,” Mr. Bush burned his bridges. And when Gen. Colin Powell told Congress we have no war plans regarding Iran and North Korea, the signal was clear […]