A Global Monster Takes Shape in Rome!

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 19, 1998 A majority of U.N. members is today moving resolutely to give supranational institutions sovereign authority greater than that of nations. Through these institutions, and the extension of the one-nation, one-vote principle, the United Nations hopes to overturn the old order, where great powers decided the affairs of […]

Stay Out of Kosovo!

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 16, 1998 …When did Congress authorize Bill Clinton to go to war against a Yugoslav army that has never attacked Americans?… This week, NATO conducted air exercises over Albania as a warning to Belgrade that its crackdown in Kosovo must end now. NATO’s demands? Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic must […]

An Idea that Made Milwaukee Famous

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 12, 1998 …If the poor get $5,000 vouchers to escape the blackboard jungles, while near-poor neighbors, whose taxes subsidize those vouchers, do not — is that just?… Historians may well mark June 9 as the D-Day of the school-choice movement in America. On this day, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled […]

Let Russia Default!

By Patrick J. Buchanan – June 9, 1998 Why would Republicans even think of throwing half of 1999’s surplus down an IMF rat hole, into a Russian regime even its chief financial officer says is shot through with larceny and corruption?… The last six months have exposed the Global Economy as a vast poker game […]

World’s Last Superpower — R.I.P

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 6, 1998 What are we to make of all of this? Has America become the “pitiful, helpless giant” Richard Nixon predicted it would if we allowed ourselves to be defeated in Vietnam? No. America remains the first economic and military power on Earth, but U.S. influence is in steep […]

Death of a Patriarch

By Patrick J. Buchanan – June 2, 1998 Conservatism triumphed in the GOP in 1964, and in the nation in 1980, because Goldwater and Reagan unapologetically championed the ideas — and reflected the fighting spirit — of the army on the ground. But even the staunchest defenders of the leaders of this Congress cannot say […]

Spiro Agnew: Prophet Without Honor

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 29, 1998 In an era when professors were surrendering by battalions to student radicals, Agnew denounced the “levelers and ideologists” and attacked affirmative action and reverse discrimination policies that some Republicans, even today, lack the courage to oppose… “New York City University Tightens Admissions Policy,” read the headline. The […]

Free Trade vs. National Security

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 26, 1998 A strict interpretation of patriotism [is] injurious to business,” wrote famed artillery maker Alfred Krupp. True to his word, Krupp sold to both sides in the Franco-Prussian war. On the eve of World War I, Krupp’s firm was filling “Russian orders for the latest artillery pieces and […]