The Bad Old Days of J. Edgar Hoover

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 12, 2002 “J. Edgar Hoover is Back: FBI Wages Secret War Against U.S. Citizens.” So runs the alarmist headline over Monday’s column in The Washington Times by civil libertarian Nat Hentoff. What agitates Hentoff is John Ashcroft’s decision to let the FBI “send its disguised agents into religious institutions, […]

Woodrow W. Bush

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 10, 2002 President Bush is engaged in feverish diplomacy to stop an India-Pakistan war. He is mulling over an “American Plan” to end the Israeli-Palestinian war. And he has just sent his secretary of defense to NATO to line up allies to launch an American-Iraqi war. Am I the […]

American Roots of 21st Century Wars

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 5, 2002 “Ideas Have Consequences” was written by the young conservative scholar Richard Weaver, after he had witnessed the carnage World War II had visited upon his civilization. And if we look about the borderlands of Islam – Chechnya, Kashmir, the West Bank – we see the consequences of […]

It’s the Immigration Stupid!

by Patrick J. Buchanan – June 3, 2002 “As waves of immigration from the Islamic nations of North Africa and the Mideast, and black nations of sub-Sahara rise, crest and crash into Europe, the immigration issue will become more explosive.” So I wrote only months ago in “Death of the West,” as I made a […]

What Price the American Empire?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 29, 2002 Last week, Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld warned that more terror attacks are a certainty and may involve the detonation of an atomic weapon on American soil. They have concentrated the mind wonderfully. Even a small, crude nuclear device, exploded in a U.S. port or city, […]

The ‘No-Whites-Need-Apply’ Caucus

by Patrick J. Buchanan – May 24, 2002 Last month, an intriguing little congressional pow-wow was clandestinely held – no press invited – in the Northern Virginia town of Leesburg. It was a 3-day conference, and attendance appears to have been restricted by ethnicity and race. But this was not a gathering of the Leesburg […]