What Weirton Does Not Know

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 17, 1998 In the tiny West Virginia town of Weirton, population 22,000, thousands marched last week to save Weirton Steel, the heart of their community. If the steel plant goes under, and its 4,400 workers lose their jobs, the town dies. It is as simple as that. What is […]

Where Have You Gone, Lee Atwater?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 10, 1998 At least the media are consistent. When Republicans win, the media urge the GOP to “reach out” to the left to bring the country together. When Republicans lose, the media admonish the GOP to move to the left or face extinction. The post-election advice is always the […]

Should Impeachment Go Forward?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 6, 1998 According to the pundits and exit polls, the American people want it over with. They are fed up with hearing about Monica and Bill and Kathleen and Ken. “Enough already!” they are saying. What normal person does not share that sentiment? But while the desire to have […]

The Lament of the Establishment

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 3, 1998 “Sometime this summer, the post-Cold War world ended. It was a brief, giddy age. We were thrust into it headlong barely 10 years ago, when the Berlin wall cracked, Eastern Europe freed itself and the Soviet Union disintegrated. Suddenly, the United States became not just the sole […]

The New Politics of Intimidation

by Patrick J. Buchanan – October 30, 1998 A week ago, an assassin fired through the kitchen window of Barnett Slepian, an obstetrician who did abortions in Amherst, N.Y. And like the murder of Matthew Shepard, the slaying of Slepian was seized upon and exploited to initiate a new moral pogrom against the American right. […]

The Abdication of the GOP

by Patrick J. Buchanan – October 27, 1998 Between 1992 and 1994, a historic swap took place in U.S. politics. Republicans, who had had a quarter-century lock on the White House, gave it up to the Democratic Party, while Democrats, who had had a 40-year lock on the Congress, gave it to the GOP. The […]

Steel Dump for the World

by Patrick J. Buchanan – October 23, 1998 Fourteen years ago, foreign steel producers began dumping heavily into the U.S. market, choking America’s industry near to death. Big Steel went to the president. Ronald Reagan listened and acted. On Sept. 22, 1984, he took to the airwaves to denounce “predatory practices” that had made America […]

Exploiting the Shepard Murder

by Patrick J. Buchanan – October 20, 1998 Matt Shepard is dead. His death was vicious and violent. According to prosecutors, Shepard was in the Fireside Lounge in Laramie, Wyo., when he “confided to Mr. McKinney and Mr. Henderson (his alleged killers) that he was gay. The subjects deceived Mr. Shepard into leaving with them […]