Is That Bear Still Out There?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 15, 1999 Christmas 1997, I ran into a former U.S. ambassador to Brazil and predicted that country’s currency, the real, would have to be devalued. He bet me a dinner it would not — by Jan. 1, 1999. I lost by 13 days, thanks to a $41.5 billion International […]

Is Cataclysmic Terrorism Ahead?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 12, 1999 On the day after Pearl Harbor, ex-President Herbert Hoover sat down and wrote to friends: “You and I know that this continuous putting pins in rattlesnakes finally got this country bitten.” Japan’s sneak attack was one of the great acts of state terror, but its motive was […]

The Man Who Spits on Patriots’ Graves

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 8, 1999 Anyone raised in Catholic schools at mid-century often heard the term “invincible ignorance.” Nuns used it to describe those benighted souls who lacked mental competence to grasp the truth. Whenever I read a column by Ed Koch, the old phrase comes to mind. Koch recently cited as […]

No Deals — Get on With the Trial

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 5, 1999 In the weeks since the House voted to impeach Bill Clinton for high crimes, more than a few senators have been casting about for some way to evade their constitutional duty to conduct a trial. Republicans have been shaken by the public reaction to the House vote. […]

Our Self-Selecting Elite

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 1, 1999 Is the Ivy League the last acceptable bastion of prejudice in America? That seems a not unfair question, given the reaction to a recent column of this writer. That column, based on a piece by political activist Ron Unz, noted that the ethnic composition of Harvard’s student […]

How He Gets Away with It

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 29, 1998 The riddle perplexing conservatives today can be summed up in a single question: “How does he get away with it?!” Why is public support for Bill Clinton soaring, though he lied under oath, while the popularity of the Republican Congress trying to hold him to account is […]

1999: Goldilocks v. The Bears

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 25, 1998 1998 has been marked by a conservative spat between what might be called the Alfred E. Neuman (“What, me worry!”) Club and the Chicken Little (“The Sky is Falling!”) Caucus. By Christmas, it was game, set, match — the Neuman Club. Unemployment was at a 30-year low, […]

Senate Must Do Its Duty

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 21, 1998 As H.M.S. Victory cleared its decks for action at Trafalgar, Nelson directed his flag messenger to signal to the fleet: “England expects that every man will do his duty.” And so they did. And so, too, did those House Republicans who bravely defied our political, academic, media […]