The Neocons and Nixon’s Southern Strategy

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 30, 2002 How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is To have a thankless child. Lear’s reflection upon ingratitude comes to mind as one reads of the squabble among neoconservatives over who among them was first to stick his nail file in the back of Trent Lott. Charles Krauthammer […]

End of the Christian Era?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 26, 2002 Two thousand years have elapsed since the Birth of Christ in Bethlehem, the event that engendered Western civilization. But for Christianity, the sun has begun to set in the West. Born in Judea, Christianity spread swiftly across Asia Minor, North Africa and on to Rome, where it […]

2003: A Year of Wars?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 23, 2002 With the president and Secretary Powell joining the British in declaring Iraq to be in breach of U.N. resolutions, all indicators point to a winter war. Though 60 percent of the American people do not believe the president has made the case for war, nine in 10 […]

Trent Lott: A Victim of Hate Crime

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 18, 2002 When the official autopsy is performed on the corpse of Trent Lott, it will be revealed that he died of a stab wound that came from above. This time, Caesar knifed Brutus. Before a black audience in Philadelphia, Bush rose to declare in piety and self-righteousness, “Recent […]

What Stinks About Washington

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 13, 2002 He was an ancient among the boys of the Greatest Generation. Thirty-nine years old, a sitting judge at the time of Pearl Harbor, he resigned from the bench and volunteered for the 82nd Airborne, the bravest of the brave. On D-Day, he crash-landed in a glider in […]

An Index of Catholicism’s Decline

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 11, 2002 As the Watergate scandal of 1973-1974 diverted attention from the far greater tragedy unfolding in Southeast Asia, so, too, the scandal of predator-priests now afflicting the Catholic Church may be covering up a far greater calamity. Thirty-seven years after the end of the only church council of […]

The Times’ Vendetta Against Augusta

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 9, 2002 Just as the Battle of Gettysburg was about far more than who would control the tiny Pennsylvania town, so the Battle of Augusta National Golf Club is taking on an importance far beyond the issue of whether the famed Georgia club admits women as members. The New […]

Harvard Embraces Bathhouse Values

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 4, 2002 What happened in 1920, wails Larry Summers, was “abhorrent and an affront to the values of our university. We are a better and more just community today because those attitudes have changed …” “In Harvard Papers, a Dark Corner of the College’s Past” is the headline the […]