Looking for the Exit Ramp

by Patrick J. Buchanan It appears the Beltway bombing halt agreed upon at the Bush-Pelosi summit is over. The incoming chairmen of the Senate’s armed services and foreign affairs committees, Carl Levin and Joe Biden – and Majority Leader Harry Reid – say a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq will be their first […]

Are More ‘Thumpings’ Needed?

by Patrick J. Buchanan While the losses were not large for the sixth year of a sitting president – a net of six Senate seats and 30-odd House seats – the significance of Nov. 7 is huge and the consequences will be historic. But it is crucial to sift out what the nation was saying […]

The Return of Economic Nationalism

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 7, 2006 “Well, the American people have spoken, and in his own good time, Franklin will tell us what they have said.” So one wag explained the Democratic landslide that buried the Hoover Republicans in 1932. The country was voting against three years of Depression and the president and […]

Why the GOP is Losing

By Patrick J. Buchanan Entering the weekend before his midterms, George Bush and his party appear fated to lose the House they have held for a dozen years. The Senate is on a knife’s edge. The latest polls continue to show that by 52 percent to 37 percent Americans wish to see a Democratic takeover. […]

More Troops — or Less Empire

by Patrick J. Buchanan – American Conservative And why do we need more troops? Because the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are going badly for lack of U.S. troops, and because, says the Weekly Standard, President Bush needs to have the strategic option to put ground forces into “Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Lebanon, or wherever […]

November ’56: Ike’s Defining Moment

by Patrick J. Buchanan November 1956, 50 years ago, was a month the drama of which many of us can yet recall. It was a defining moment of the Cold War. This was the month Eisenhower was re-elected in a landslide and in which he laid down, in simultaneous crises, the new ground rules of […]