The X Factor in 2008 – Iran

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 23, 2007 After a weekend in which 29 Americans died and the 82nd Airborne deployed in Baghdad, what the Iraq war will mean to the politics of 2008 becomes clear. Hillary Clinton’s early Saturday announcement of her exploratory committee was brilliantly executed and captured front page, cable and network […]

Facing the Folly of Bush’s War

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 19, 2007 No sooner had Sens. Hagel and Biden announced their resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that the Bush surge of 21,500 troops to Iraq was not in the national interest than the stampede was on. By day’s end, Sens. Dodd, Clinton, Bayh, Levin and Obama and […]

President Bush: Meet Walter Jones

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 16, 2007 America is four years into a bloody debacle in Iraq not merely because Bush and Cheney marched us in, or simply because neocon propagandists lied about Saddam’s nuclear program and WMDs, and Iraqi ties to al-Qaida, anthrax attacks and 9-11. We are there because a Democratic Senate […]

Still One More Card to Play

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 12, 2007 Wednesday night, George Bush seemed to play his last card in the Iraq war. It was not impressive. Consider: First, he warned of the awful consequences of a U.S. defeat: “Radical Islamic extremism would grow … in strength and gain new recruits. They would be in a […]

Who is Planning Our Next War?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 9, 2007 As George Bush reflects on his legacy, an urgent question must be pressing in upon him each day. Will I leave here as the man who launched failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that cost thousands of U.S. dead, to no avail? Or can I yet enter […]

Cakewalk Crowd Abandons Bush

by Patrick J. Buchanan – January 5, 2007 Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan, said a rueful John F. Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs. George W. Bush knows today whereof his predecessor spoke. For as he prepares to “surge” 20,000 more U.S. troops into a war even he concedes we […]