Jefferson vs. the Nashville Schools

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 28, 2004 At the Catholic school we attended long ago, the school year was divided into eight marking periods. At the end of each, a report card was handed out. Each student was graded in each of half a dozen subjects. The grades ranged from A+ to C- for […]

Bush Prepares the Battlefield

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 26, 2004 After reading the State of the Union address, one appreciates how much greater a grasp George W. Bush has of politics than did his father. For this was the sort of speech one would expect to hear from a candidate who had just been nominated at his […]

For Truth in Journalism

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 21, 2004 In 2002, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, the managing editor for business at the network, contributed $1,000 to a fund-raising dinner for President Bush. So reveals Howard Kurtz, media critic for the Washington Post. Informed of Cavuto’s contribution, John Moody, Fox News vice president, lamented, “I wish […]

Goodbye, Barry Goldwater

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 19, 2004 “Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of Marriage” ran the headline in the New York Times. The story told of how Bush aides were “planning an extensive election-year initiative to promote marriage” and debating whether to float the idea in the State of the Union. “For […]

Mexamerica, Here We Come

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 14, 2004 Have Americans, one wonders, fully reflected on what the Bush amnesty portends for the country their children will grow up in? Consider what Bush is saying with this amnesty for 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens and his “guest workers” program to allow employers to go […]

Real Message of Bush Amnesty

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 12, 2004 If George Bush’s amnesty for between 8 million and 14 million illegal aliens is enacted, you can kiss the old America goodbye. Consider what the president is saying with his amnesty. He is telling us that he cannot or will not do his constitutional duty to defend […]

Dean: A Prophet Ahead of His Time?

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 7, 2004 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Within four weeks, the Democratic nominee will probably be known, and this city believes it will almost surely be Howard Dean. The Iowa caucuses on Jan. 19, the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 27, and the South Carolina primary on Feb. 3, same day […]

Coming Thaw with Tehran?

by Patrick J Buchanan – January 5, 2004 Can the Great Satan find common ground with a charter member of the Axis of Evil, the Iran of the ayatollahs? Stranger things have happened in our own lifetimes. In 1972, Nixon, who built a career on anti-communism, was walking on the Great Wall of China, the […]