The Defector

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 31, 2004 Both the ferocity of the White House attacks and his lionization by the liberal press testify: Richard Clarke has drawn blood. The former counter-terrorism chief seeks to dynamite the central pillar of the Bush presidency: that the president has bravely and brilliantly led us in the War […]

Israel’s Isolation … and Ours

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 29, 2004 “Israel has a right to defend itself,” said President Bush. And against whom was Israel defending itself at dawn on Monday? A half-blind and deaf paraplegic being wheeled out of a mosque after prayers, Sheik Ahmed Yassin was struck by missiles that blew him to pieces. In […]

America in 2050: Another Country

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 24, 2004 In 1960, when JFK defeated Nixon, America was a nation of 160 million, 90 percent white and 10 percent black, with a few million Hispanics and Asians sprinkled among us. We were one nation, one people. We worshipped the same God, spoke the same English language, studied […]

The Consequences of ‘Mr. Bush’s War’

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 22, 2004 A year has elapsed since President Bush ordered U.S. forces to invade Iraq. Since that March day, 2003, it has become clear as crystal: Operation Iraqi Freedom was an unnecessary war. Saddam had had no role in 9-11 or the anthrax attack, no plans to attack us […]

Terrorists – or Freedom Fighters?

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 17, 2004 Between 1971 and 1973, he was commander of the Derry Brigade of the Provisional IRA, which fought gun battles with British soldiers in a war that would cost 320 lives. Arrested in Donegal near a car loaded with 5,000 rounds of ammunition and 250 pounds of explosives, […]

Defining Kerry Downward

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 15, 2004 Will George W. Bush share the fate of his father and be turned out of office 18 months after having won a military triumph that vaulted him to 90 percent approval? So it seemed during the primaries, as almost a dozen Democratic candidates pummeled Bush daily for […]

The Job Crisis and the GOP

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 10, 2004 President Bush and his advisers are puzzled and worried. Economic liftoff took place right on schedule in July when the tax cuts took effect. In the last six months of 2003, the economy blazed along on a growth path of 6 percent. But where are the jobs? […]

The Aggressors in the Culture Wars

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 8, 2004 “It became an emblematic moment. Patrick Buchanan standing before the Republican National Convention in August 1992, bluntly declaring that there was a ‘religious war’ and a ‘cultural war’ under way for the soul of the country. And that ‘Clinton and Clinton are on the other side’ with […]