The Scramble for America

by Patrick J. Buchanan What is it that distinguishes Bush Republicanism from the Coolidge, Taft, Eisenhower and Reagan varieties? Four major issues come to mind. Bush is a “Big Government conservative” who repudiated the “government-is-the-problem” philosophy of Reagan. His No Child Left Behind program, doubling the size of the Department of Education, and his vast […]

Hillary a Shoo-in? Not By a Long Shot

by Patrick J. Buchanan With President Bush reaching new lows in national polls, Christian conservatives threatening to bolt if Rudy is the nominee and the Iraq war bleeding support in Middle America, Republicans are in a funk about 2008. And understandably and deservedly so. The war, a product of hubris, born of the smashing triumph […]

Paging Sen. Biden

by Patrick J. Buchanan Many in Congress deeply regret having voted President Bush a blank check for war in October 2002. And they are frustrated at their inability to compel him to begin bringing the troops home. Why, then, is Congress pushing for a new confrontation, with Iran, which could involve us in a war […]

Is Belgium Breaking Up?

by Patrick J. Buchanan All politics are local, said “Tip” O’Neill. Not so. It is more true to say that all politics are tribal. For the 1991 prediction of Arthur Schlesinger – “Ethnic and racial conflict, it now seems evident, will soon replace the conflict of ideologies as the explosive issue of our time” – […]

Infantile Nation

by Patrick J. Buchanan Does this generation possess the gravitas to lead the world? Considering the hysteria that greeted the request of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to lay a wreath at Ground Zero, the answer is no. What is it about this tiny man that induces such irrationality? Answer: He is president of a nation that […]

Is Terrorism Really a Mortal Threat?

by Patrick J. Buchanan It may have been politically incorrect to publish the thoughts on the sixth anniversary of 9/11, but what Colin Powell had to say to GQ magazine needs to be heard. Terrorism, said Powell, is not a mortal threat to America. “What is the greatest threat facing us now?” Powell asked. “People […]

The Decline of the Anglos

by Patrick J. Buchanan In Russia’s Ulanovsk region, Sept. 12 is Conception Day. Workers are given the day off and encouraged to go home and do their best to conceive a new Russian. The hope is to have a bumper crop of babies on Russia’s national holiday, nine months off. Conception Day has occasioned much […]

Stopping the Next War

by Patrick J. Buchanan President Bush has won the Battle of September. When he turns over the presidency on Jan. 20, 2009, there will likely be as many U.S. troops in Iraq as there were when Congress was elected to bring them home in November 2006. That is the meaning of Gen. Petraeus’ recommendation, adopted […]