What Lack of Courage Cost

by Patrick J. Buchanan As Chairman Carl Levin of Senate Armed Services conceded Sunday, Congress is not going to de-fund the war in Iraq, even if Bush vetoes every Democratic timetable for withdrawal. The war will go on – backed by a Democratic Congress. If Majority Leader Reid is not bluffing about his threat to […]

PJB – 1994: Of Truth and Tolerance… at Easter

This is one of my favorite PJB columns. He wrote it in 1994, but it could have been written this morning! May Christ bless all of you and your families this Easter! ——— Of Truth and Tolerance… at Easter by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 3, 1994 “Truly, this was the Son of God.” So […]

Magnanimous Mahmoud

by Patrick J. Buchanan The Easter pardon by Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the 15 British sailors and Marines, seized by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in waters off the Iraqi coast, two weeks ago, ends the crisis. And as the beaming smile of President Ahmadinejad, as he graciously accepted apologies from the sailors and Marines, testifies, there […]

Protectionism, Patriotism Make a Comeback

by Patrick J. Buchanan “I was really shocked when I read the Financial Times this morning that one of the candidates was pleading for more national champions and more protectionist action,” huffed Neelie Kroes, competition commissioner of the European Union. “It is outdated to talk about national champions. It is outdated to talk about protectionism.” […]

The Mid-Life Crisis of the EU

by Patrick J. Buchanan The 50th birthday of the European Union, born in Rome in March 1957 as the European Economic Community or Common Market – of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg – was a pallid affair. Understandably so. For though the EU has expanded to embrace 27 nations and boasts an economy […]

Interventions Without End?

by Patrick J. Buchanan “Whatever happens in Iraq, retreat from the world is not an option,” wrote Financial Times columnist Philip Stephens last weekend. Why not? Because a world map highlighting those regions where the West’s vital resources are located would exactly overlap a map highlighting those regions where state power is crumbling, disease and […]

Congress’ Attack on the Presidency

by Patrick J. Buchanan If the Senate and House judiciary committees issue subpoenas for Karl Rove and other White House aides to testify to their roles in the firing of the eight U.S. attorneys, President Bush should defy the subpoenas. He should accept the contempt citations and fight it all the way to the Supreme […]