Pastor to the President?

By Patrick J. Buchanan When the assassination of John F. Kennedy horrified a nation, Black Muslim Minister Malcolm X declared it payback for America’s violence in the world, a case of “chickens coming home to roost.” “Being an old farm boy myself,” said Malcolm, “chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad, they’ve […]

Playing by Obama’s Rules

By Patrick J. Buchanan To observe Democrats this week, savaging one of their heroines, is to understand why the party is unready to rule. Consider: At the 1984 Democratic convention in San Francisco, an unknown member of Congress was vaulted into history by being chosen the first woman ever to run on a national party […]

To Die For NAFTA

By Patrick J. Buchanan “The commonest error in politics,” said Lord Salisbury, “is sticking to the carcass of dead policies.” Lord Salisbury’s rule comes to mind on reading of John McCain’s delight at the $40 billion contract awarded the French-led parent of Airbus — to build the next generation of U.S. Air Force tankers. The […]

How Liberals Play Race Politics

By Patrick J. Buchanan “All is race,” wrote Benjamin Disraeli, “there is no other truth.” What Disraeli meant by race is what Winston Churchill meant when he spoke of “our island race” — a tribe, an ethnic group, a people unique and separate from all others. Disraeli saw the Irish in Britain as a breed […]

The Second Battle of NAFTA

By Patrick J. Buchanan If Canada and Mexico do not renegotiate NAFTA, said Hillary Clinton in the Cleveland debate, she would “opt out” of the trade treaty that was the legislative altarpiece of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Barack agreed. NAFTA is renegotiated, or NAFTA is gone. Barack went further. He has denounced “open trucking,” the feature […]

Katrina Nation

By Patrick J. Buchanan When Woodrow Wilson went to Congress to ask for a declaration of war in 1917, the U.S. Army was ranked 17th in the world, behind Portugal. On Armistice Day, 19 months later, there were 2 million doughboys in France, where they had helped to break the back of Gen. Ludendorff’s theretofore […]

The Return of Ethnic Nationalism

by Patrick J. Buchanan In Africa last week, President Bush deplored the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s, defended his refusal to send U.S. troops to Darfur and decried the ethnic slaughter in Kenya. Following a fraudulent election, the Kikyu, the dominant tribe in Kenya, have been subjected to merciless assault. People are separating from […]

McCain Calls Out the Times

by Patrick J. Buchanan John McCain just shoved his whole stack into the middle of the table and put his credibility and candidacy on the line. He just threw down the gauntlet to the New York Times by flatly denying every point of a front-page story that implied McCain had an affair nine years ago […]