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Illegal inmigrants

Jun 10, 2013 by antfreire
City: Luquillo • 
State: Puerto rico • 
Country: USA 

John Adams said: "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide"
Unfortunately this is what is happenng. After all those illegals are allowed to vote there will not be a United States of America any more. We will be more like a Mexico governed by the PRI for more than fifty years.

Suicide of a Superpower

Jun 09, 2013 by Eric Kolar
City: Sunnyvale • 
State: California • 
Country: U.S.A. 

Dear Pat, thank you for all of your good work describing the destructive effects of immigrationist policies that have severely damaged our still beautiful nation since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. Upward and onward!

Too common sensical

May 31, 2013 by richard avard
City: Costa Mesa • 
State: Ca • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat , your common sense suggestion will fall on deaf ears You know this nation is known world wide for being a society of \"the Uninformed and the Unconcerned\" Your message will fall on deaf ears, except for the young people They are waking up! Write a book for them, please.

Mr. Buchanan

May 31, 2013 by bill rutledge
City: Overland park • 
State: Kansas • 
Country: Usa 

Always clear and concise articles.....keep up the good works.


May 31, 2013 by Paul Van Cleef
City: Davidsonville • 
State: Maryland • 
Country: United States 

Courage is a rare thing. It is rare to find an individual who has the courage to speak their mind. Keep up the good work. Question.... you were always a regular on \"Morning Joe\" why did you leave? Thanks. Stay Strong.

Thank you

May 29, 2013 by G. Osterberg
City: Dana point • 
State: Ca. • 
Country: USA 

Thank you Pat for your wonderful writings and intelligent thinking. You are one of the few who tell it as it is.

Natural Map

May 29, 2013 by Stephen Todd
City: Crestline • 
State: CA • 
Country: US 

Good Stuff Pat. I had never heard the H.G.Wells definition of natural maps. By extension, what does that say about the future of the U.S.


May 29, 2013 by James Ely
City: Bozeman • 
State: MT • 
Country: US 

I have a unique 2-page solution to the immigration problem. It is to shift the responsibility to the immigrant\'s country of origin.

Perpetual War - Why ?

May 17, 2013 by zafar
City: Sugarland • 
State: Texas • 
Country: Us 

Pat: Our policies are setting us up for a perpetual war with all its ramifications including blowback. It is not a recipe for a safe homeland, so we invest our freedom and our treasure in homeland security. "They attack us because they hate us" is good domestic politics but it only destroys any chance of a real debate to address the issue.
Pat: you need to call a conference by inviting both the Right and the Left to debate this issue. We are in a transitional world with enormous challenges that can ill afford a Perpetual War.


May 08, 2013 by John Lackey
City: Richmond • 
State: Kentucky • 
Country: USA 


Again you are right on target with your most recent op-ed column, "Who Are the War Criminals in Syria?" Thank you for speaking out. And please don't stop. The "rebels" would kill or ethnically cleanse the Alawites, and as many of the Druze, Christians, and, yes, the small Jewish community, as they could get by with, if they won.

Fight for What's Right

May 04, 2013 by John
City: SA • 
State: TX • 
Country: Republic of TEXAS 

Pat- Somewhere I'd read that many years ago, you were a fighter in your youth.

It seems to me the GOP and even the conservative movement itself has been emasculated by an unwillingness to fight for quite some time now. It isn't p.c. to directly confront. Many of us struggle so much merely surviving in this dismal economy that by day's end there's no fight remaining in us. I sent the Washington Times a letter over ten years ago criticizing a journalist who'd written an article which on page one included the quote: " 'Conservative activist' is an oxymoron." Of course my letter was not published. If now is not the time for us to fight, shall we ever know when it is time?

The one criticism I have of all conservative leadership: while many offer trenchant insight, seldom if ever is any proactive call to action ever made. Is our ongoing decline in the Christian West inevitable? Only if we continue taking a 'deer in the headlights' approach rather than fighting for what we know to be right.

The Truth

May 03, 2013 by Keith
City: Christchurch • 
State: Canterbury • 
Country: New Zealand 

Pat, I remember well arriving in USA mid 80's and US made Fruit of the Loom underwear that would fit better than the Asian junk.
I still own and wear 3 US made sweaters even though they are more than 25 years old.
Please keep up the good work...


Thanks and Perseverence

May 03, 2013 by Donald Williamson
City: Reston • 
State: VA • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat,

Thanks for your kind words about Howard Phillips. I too counted him as a real friend and will miss him. We shared the same mentor/professor years ago. May I send you some Christian Reasoner newsletter issues I have written?

Please keep doing just what you have been doing. Your courage and boldness are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Perseverence

May 03, 2013 by Donald Williamson
City: Reston • 
State: VA • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat,

Thanks for your kind words about Howard Phillips. I too counted him as a real friend and will miss him. We shared the same mentor/professor years ago. Please keep doing just what you have been doing. Your courage and boldness are greatly appreciated.

Congratulations on Publication of your new book in China

May 01, 2013 by Hongyi Yin
City: Beijing • 
State: Beijing • 
Country: China 

Dear Pat: Congratulations on the publication of Suicide of A Superpower in Beijing. I am your chief translator. Reading your book requires a healthy and good heart for America. Translating it has called for meeting with challenges. But I am a veteran with 30 years' experience.
I hope that we can have a second chance to cooperate.
Best wishes,
Hongyi Yin,
Senior Reviser/Research Fellow
Reference News/Tsinghua University


Apr 30, 2013 by Don
City: Avon Park • 
State: Florida • 
Country: US 

Sometime in the future historians will study Pat's work and ask how this country could have ignored his facts and refused to heed his wise counsel.....


Apr 28, 2013 by Richard
City: Mattituck • 
State: NY • 
Country: U.S.A. 

America Made A Big Mistake Not Electing Pat For President.

Pat's Missing Quote

Apr 17, 2013 by Jim Johnson
City: Meridian • 
State: ID • 
Country: USA 

Many years ago I saw you on television and you said, "We don't need a third party. What we need is a second party." I have never forgotten it and I quote you all the time. Thank you. I cannot find it on your quote list so I'm not sure I have it exactly right.

Filling A Great Void

Apr 16, 2013 by Tim
City: Irving • 
State: TX • 
Country: USA 

Your leadership, knowledge, integrity, and candor are an enormous relief to souls who seek truth, freedom, and justice. Hope you continue keeping your readers in touch with reality for many more years. It's doubtful you could ever write too many books.

Common sense

Apr 15, 2013 by Lee Craven
City: Garden ridge • 
State: Texas • 
Country: Usa 

Thank you so much for your perspective... I can remember when growing up that most people around me had common sense


Apr 13, 2013 by bob
City: Seattle • 
State: Wa • 
Country: Us 

I am reading your \"Suicide of a Superpower\". Too depressing, so I go as long as I can, then rest for awhile. You are saying what I say, with more factual backup. We are tribal, and we revert when we reach limits of resources. No matter how much we want a world vision, the world remains as it is, in spite of our desire to see it otherwise.

Thank You

Apr 13, 2013 by Mickey & Paula Martin
City: Llano • 
State: TX • 
Country: US 

We liked to watch Cross-Fire with you and Tom Braden. After watching you for a time we realized that we were totally wrong in our thinking about what Democrats and Republicans stand for. Wait a minute it is Pat Buchanan who is for 2nd amendment rights. It is the Republican for the right of the unborn baby. Oh my we are not Democrats! We never agree with Tom we agree with Pat -- We are republicans! Today we are not sure the Republicans are standing up for the rights our founding fathers fought for us to have, but thanks to you we are engaged and paying attention.

Thank You

Apr 12, 2013 by Dan hume
City: Cape May • 
State: New Jersey • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat, as a young High school student I stumbled upon your writings, and I am glad for it.

Now at 23 with a History degree, I am glad I have kept your writings close at hand, your wisdom is useful to combatting both Neoconservative ideas as well as Liberal-socialist ones. As a young American I thank you for your work and legacy.

Thank You

Apr 07, 2013 by Bron Iolar
City: Columbus • 
State: OH • 
Country: USA 

Dear Mr. Buchanan:

Years ago I\'d watch you on Crossfire. At that time I disagreed with you on almost everything. As the decades have passed I\'m amazed at how wise you\'ve become. I now agree with you on just about everything.

Sadly, you are one of the few champions of authentic conservatism still appearing on TV. Your shameful treatment by MSNBC is a reminder of the forces aligned against voices such as yours.

You are good and decent fellow whose virtue is lost on your detractors simply because virtue itself is not a category in their world view. Thanks for your courage in speaking truth to power. Keep fighting the good fight.


Apr 06, 2013 by Tony Barrows
City: Little Torch Key • 
State: FL • 
Country: Kuwait 

Mr. Buchanan, Very few if any current mass media writers hold the distinction of not only being so profoundly right but also being equally capable of clearly and eloquently expressing it. Please keep up the good work, we need you.

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 934 934 Dear Mr. Buchanan,Will the new Congress finally send a bill to the White House authorizing the GAO to audit the Federal Reserve? If not, why?