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Majority of Americans are being held hostage...

Sep 08, 2013 by Steve D.
City: Trenton • 
State: NJ • 
Country: United States 

The majority of Americans are being held hostage by extremely well funded Jewish groups who want to force them to endure another illegal, unjust war, yet again. Pat, kudos to you and all the others (too many to mention) for taking the side of the prudent majority of Americans.


Sep 08, 2013 by Rebecca Sarinelli
City: San Francisco • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Pat, Thanks for the article on Syria. I have always thought you are the adult in the room. Too bad each generation is more brainwashed than the previous one. Rand Paul is the one bright spot on the horizon.

God Bless you!

Thanks Pat!

Sep 06, 2013 by GKM
City: Melbourne • 
State: FL • 
Country: USA 

Does anyone think Israel gives a damn about the Syrians killed by poison gas? Clearly they want the U.S. to attack the Assad regime. Now consider who supplied the U.S. with the supposedly irrefutable evidence of the Assad regimes chemical gas attack?

Syria False Flag

Sep 02, 2013 by Greg
City: Detroit • 
State: MI • 
Country: U.S. 

Hello Mr. Buchanan,
Just a short note to praise you for your stance on the Syria false flag issue. You will go down in history for this. Thank you SO much for standing up for truth!!!

Sunday show 9/1

Sep 01, 2013 by Ruthann Mahoney
City: Florence • 
State: MA • 
Country: U.S.A. 

Many thanks for your comment on seniors being cheated out of interest on their savings for retirment. You are the only person I have heard to point out this fact. The current government has made seniors second class citizens. Keep up the good work.

Your so right

Aug 31, 2013 by Myron Walker
City: Dexter • 
State: Mo. • 
Country: USA 

Your view that globalization is a problem in the US and for that matter in the world is certainly correct. Proud to hear from a Patriot and thinker.

Will Boehner Stop Our Rogue President

Aug 30, 2013 by ingrid jay
City: Washington • 
State: Dc • 
Country: Usa 

Brilliant! Thanks for noting probability of false flag CW.

A Liberal FOR Buchanan!

Aug 27, 2013 by Joe Befumo
City: Pleasant Mount • 
State: Pennsylvania • 
Country: United States 

Mr Buchanan:

I nominally describe myself as 'liberal', but would support you for president in a heartbeat! (I quote you extensively in my book, The Republicrat Junta, and use you as an example of the difference between TRUE conservatives and the NECON traitors who currently occupy our government.)

McLaughlin Group comment

Aug 26, 2013 by Kevin
City: Waterloo • 
State: Iowa • 
Country: USA 


Thank you for your comment on the McLaughlin Group that whites are the only group you can legally discriminate against now in America. The only thing I\'d add would be same thing rings true for Christians as well.

Speaking Truth!

Aug 24, 2013 by Todd Foster
City: Tucson • 
State: AZ • 
Country: United States 

Thank you for speaking the truth about race in America and the double standards that discriminate against whites.

Free Trade and Funny Math

Aug 23, 2013 by Fred Porter
City: Seattle • 
State: WA • 
Country: U.S.A. 

Dear Patrick,

Re: \"Free Trade & Funny Math\" -- February 27, 2007

Still right on, and still timely!

Best regards to you.

Fred Porter

We need you for President

Aug 22, 2013 by Christina Ventricelli
City: Newton • 
State: NJ • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat, Hoping you will run for president in 2016 -- Thank you so much!

Hush Crimes

Aug 21, 2013 by Jay in VA
City: Crymore • 
State: Virginia • 
Country: U.S. 

Hey Pat: Please consider using the term \"hush crimes\" when discussing non-white on white violence. It succinctly points out the fact that the controlled media ignores and downplays this epidemic - while howling for years on end about the handful of the reverse crimes.


Aug 20, 2013 by Adam Hiley
City: Upminster • 
State: London • 
Country: England GB 

Dear Sir, Thank you for exposing the EU/NWO crooks. The USA and Great Britain must very soon take back control of our Great Countries from the corrupt elites. Mr. Buchanan and with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich should run for the Presidency in 2016 and in Britain we have Nigel Farage.

Thank You

Aug 16, 2013 by James
City: Stafford • 
State: Virginia • 
Country: USA 

Thank you for bring clarity to what is happening in the Middle East. I enjoy and appreciate your opinions.


Aug 12, 2013 by Sharon Clark
City: Columbia • 
State: Sc • 
Country: Usa 

Pat - I do not agree with any of your views but do miss your spirited debates. Where can I see you, now?

Just to mention...

Jul 30, 2013 by Brad
City: Cleve. • 
State: OH • 
Country: USA 

Pat, I have read most all of your books. And I don\'t watch the McLaughlin Group unless you are on. I love the show, but you have the sharp edge on the panel. Thank you, Brad R.

Thank you, Pat

Jul 26, 2013 by Jim Farrell
City: Oro Valley • 
State: Arizona • 
Country: US 

Pat, I've been your follower for years. You alone among the Republicrats spoke the truth and received their contempt and ostracism. Thank you for your courage, leadership and unwavering patriotism. The Founders would embrace you.


Jul 22, 2013 by Thomas Garro
City: Pine City • 
State: Minnesota • 
Country: United States 

Way to go! Someone should've said this a long, long, long time ago! I've forwarded your article to several people because it's so good....and true! Please forward your article to the President!


Jul 22, 2013 by Judith Daus
City: Pine City • 
State: Minnesota • 
Country: United States 

Wow! Just read your article & want to say it couldn't have been said any better - keep up the good work. Any comments from Al Sharpton???

A Note...

Jul 21, 2013 by Ellen Munson
City: Bristol • 
State: Ct • 
Country: Usa 

Pat, Just a quick few words to commend you on your consistency of politics throughout the years. I came over to \"your side\" about 5 years ago and I view your opinion as logical, fact-based, non-divisive, and responsible. Your broad foreign policy insight is impressive and has a lot of teaching moments. Keep up the good work.


Jul 21, 2013 by Mike Kelly
City: Orange • 
State: Ca • 
Country: Usa 

Keep up the good work....always enjoy same...

Shut it down, Mr. President, shut it down

Jul 17, 2013 by Kathy Schmitz
City: Brooksville • 
State: Florida • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan,
Your article in today's (July 17) Tampa Tribune was right on. I belived that this country was on a good path of race relations, however imperfect as we as human beings are, prior to President Obama taking office. This President has done nothing but cause division with ever speech he's made since he was elected. Sad that this country can be torn in two by a man who really doesn't care for American's of any race, and is only intrested in tearing us apart and drowning the US in debt.
Sincerely, Kathy Schmitz

It's too bad...

Jul 17, 2013 by Kevin Wirsing
City: Hesperia • 
State: California • 
Country: USA 

I grew up in Southern California and it's remarkable how much things have changed here since I was young. I supported you when I was 18-19 onward and amazingly few other adults I knew did. I saw this all coming, just as you predicted, and it's like the majority of people just don't get it. It's truly bizarre. Things get worse and worse and there's no outcry really. The people making things worse are the ones that do "cry" and we continue our downward spiral. I think it's all over.

Shut it down Mr. President

Jul 16, 2013 by Rick
City: Toronto • 
State: Ont. • 
Country: Canada 

Couldn't agree more Patrick. All the animus surrounding the Zimmerman trial is big business for the racist pundits and a money maker for HLN/CNN who feed on a blatantly biased reportage. For any President to feed into the frenzy and wish to stir up discontent is despicable. I'm surprised that the average American hasn't rallied behind Zimmerman and his civil rights, after all he was found innocent by a jury of his peers. From my perspective, Americans are rolling over and letting the Obama gang run riot over them. Stand up America! It's time to defend the homeland from the terror within that seeks to eliminate your civil rights!

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