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Jul 18, 2016 by Albert Kaye
City: Henderson • 
State: NV • 
Country: USA 

Watching the opening of the RNC, and wondering why a great American patriot is not speaking. Trump is following the trail that you first blazed.
Thank you, Mr. Buchanan!


Jul 16, 2016 by Dan
City: Green Bay • 
State: WI • 
Country: United States 

I met you once in Steubenville, Ohio at Franciscan unchastity! Have been A huge fan, and would love to meet you again.

Ginzey hears Voices

Jul 15, 2016 by Buck Burrow
City: Springfield • 
State: Virginia • 
Country: United States 

Does Justice Gingberg hear voices, Ill advised she says -- Is this and does this Advisor of hers have a name. Come on lady own up, put the girley cards down and talk turkey. Before the firing squad shows we ought to know, and please don't say it was Hillary when you met her on a 747 last week

Article III, Section 2

Jul 15, 2016 by Jim
City: Pittsburgh • 
State: PA • 
Country: US 

Glad you mentioned Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution, Pat. Congress has the authority, but not the guts, to limit the Court's appellate jurisdiction. Congress, not the Supreme Court, is the problem.

My Man!

Jul 14, 2016 by John Beder
City: Senecaville • 
State: Ohio • 
Country: United States 

Mr. Buchanan, I very much appreciate your candid approach to the many problems addressed in your column. It takes conviction to state your position in such a straightforward manner and I am pleased to agree with you more often than not.Thank you for your solid views!
Kindest Regards,
John Beder

Farage serving up the Red Meat, American style.

Jul 14, 2016 by None
City: Washington • 
State: DC • 
Country: United States 

UKIP's Nigel Farage is going to the RNC in Cleveland. We anticipate that he'll be doing talk shows and there's always the chance he could asked to address the gathering spontaneously, like Clint Eastwood did in '12. Can you get with Mr. Farage and review the general guidelines on how Americans like their red meat served? Thanks.

Trolling for war with Russia

Jul 12, 2016 by JD Smith
City: Dove Creek • 
State: Colorado • 
Country: USA 

Trolling for war with Russia follows the lead of FDR who trolled long and hard to join the then current European war and preserve his undeserved place in history. His administration was unable to goad Hitler into anything rash. They were able to sanction Japan with economic restrictions and goad her with unprotected targets.

It is noteworthy than FDR concentrated on helping his hero Churchill and Mother England. Silly Anglophile.

A Thought

Jul 12, 2016 by Craig Aldinger
City: Houghton • 
State: MI • 
Country: USA 

A thought experiment: Independent run, Hunter S. Thompson for President and you as V.P.
Wish he was still with us, the two of you could do far better that what
we are looking at today.

Gratitude for Truth

Jul 11, 2016 by Robert S Didden
City: Robert S • 
State: DE • 
Country: United States 

Here is where I go to find the truth. I cannot muster up enough thanks.

Corp Media

Jul 09, 2016 by Mike Graham
City: Mike • 
State: Ontario • 
Country: Canada 

Your comments on Comey were spot on (don't always share your views)... Just wondered if you share my suspicions about the political media shutting down the story and morphing the narrative away from politics (and the Comey revelations) into a full blown race war... and that was before Dallas. CNNs 8-10 block had 115 mins of race and 5 mins on the hearing... seemed very coordinated to me.


Jul 09, 2016 by tom blair
City: Tom • 
State: Michigan • 
Country: USA 

Pat; I believe Soros is a traitor-terrorist funding the coordination of BLM-radical Islamist activities. It always comes down to a buck in the end.


Jul 08, 2016 by Jacqueline S. Pierce
City: Jackson • 
State: MS • 
Country: USA 

Our esteemed head of the F.B.I. who we heard over and over was "incorruptible" forgot who he was representing. In his determination to be "fair" to Hillary Clinton, he forgot about me and the other millions of Americans who now believe that "fairness" in this case was nothing but an excuse that allowed him to back off from a terrible responsibility. He should have sent in on the Justice Department without the recommendation not to prosecute.

Grand Jury?

Jul 08, 2016 by John Hager
City: John • 
State: WI - WISCONSIN • 
Country: United States 

The Grand Jury convenes November 8th.

Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?

Jul 08, 2016 by Rob
City: Vero Beach • 
State: Florida • 
Country: USA 

Hillary is absolutely unfit to be President and FBI Director Comey stated every reason she should be indicted. But he, thank God, recommended not to indict her, and he did it brilliantly. All one has to do is play out the scenario if she did get indicted to see that Bernie Sanders, the giveaway King would, most likely become the President of the United Sates. By leaving Hillary in the race and by Comey, in his narrative giving Donald Trump all the talking points he needs to run against Hillary and the American people all the reason not to vote for Hillary, she most likely will not win the election and Donald Trump most likely will be the next President of the United States. Thank you Director Comey.

Trump's VP Choice

Jul 08, 2016 by Charles Burris
City: Tulsa • 
State: OK • 
Country: United States of America 

How about a guy who is a powerful and brilliant speaker, who unequivocally shoots from the hip like Trump and takes no prisoners in a debate, an author of many best-selling books (available on this website), a nationally-recognized name for decades, one of the most media savvy people in DC, who holds and has championed for decades virtually every political position Trump has been advocating, a major general in the culture war against PC, hated by the left, hated by the neocons (like Trump, he was denounced by National Review), hated by the Israel lobby, hated by the elite media, hated by the GOP establishment (especially the Bushes), hated by the globalist foreign policy elites (he, like Trump, advocated “America First” and was denounced as an “isolationist”), but is loved by millions of common everyday people, especially real conservatives and his legions of readers at this site. I am of course talking of Patrick J. Buchanan, who courageously sought the presidency before and is an experienced campaigner and veteran stump speaker. Think of all other available choices Trump could choose. They all pale before Pat Buchanan. This could be even more of a legendary historical campaign than it has been up to this point, truly one for the record books. Trump/Buchanan 2016.

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1365 1365 Thank you , Sir. Just watch you own Smeconish on you tube. You sir are a true patriot, Thank again, God Bless.