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Wish you would run again

Jul 02, 2015 by Jim Kramer
City: Phoenix • 
State: Arizona • 
Country: USA 

I haven't always agreed, and often still don't agree, with everything you say. But you are one of the few high profile politicos who does his research and can support his opinions with data. We could use more of that in DC. I wish you would run for President again. You're a good guy, Mr. B.

Is Trump for real?

Jul 02, 2015 by richard avard
City: Newport Beach • 
State: California • 
Country: USA 

Pat, Your column regarding Don Trump was so right on, that a vote for Trump will be a vote AGAINST the RepubliCrat Establishment and vote FOR sanity - he just has to avoid the dreaded \"Foot in Mouth\" disease. I have contacted Trump campaign offering to volunteer, He is already polling 2nd for the nomination. I dont think he will dare drop out again, I have suggested that they hire Muller to be the web master = she did an outstanding job on your campaign Well, keep plugging Pat! It ain\'t over til its over.


Jul 01, 2015 by Mark Chellis
City: Hampden • 
State: Maine • 
Country: United States 

Concerning your 6/29/15 column. The events playing out in America have happened before and are specifically recorded in Romans 1:18-32. History is merely repeating itself. The catalyst, as always, was our turning away from God. That started in 1948 with McCollum v. Board of Education. It picked up steam after that. God has given us over to our own wickedness. The end will be our destruction.

Imperial Court

Jul 01, 2015 by Robert Koseyan
City: Belmar • 
State: NJ • 
Country: USA 

Pat, that Justices Kagan and Ginsburg needed to recuse themselves as both have performed same-sex marriages, why wouldn't the court's decision be considered grossly flawed and invalid. Also, each Presidential candidate needs to be asked this very question.
Has more to do with lawyers creating work for themselves and racking in the $$$.
We get the government we allow.


Jun 30, 2015 by alexei i antonov
City: Toronto • 
State: Ontario • 
Country: Canada 

Great article.
Great you are!
If pope did not speak the truth,
You just did.
Thank you with all my heart,

Where Do Gay Rights Advocates go From Here?

Jun 29, 2015 by John H.
City: Virginia Beach • 
State: Virginia • 
Country: USA 

My 30 something kids believe that the recent SCOTUS decision to force states to accept gay marriage was good- after all, shouldn\'t everyone have the right to love one another? I argued that when 9 judges can overrule the overwhelming majority on behalf of the left, there is much more trouble coming.

"The Beginning of Sorrows"

Jun 28, 2015 by Paul
City: Elizabeth City • 
State: North Carolina • 
Country: United States 

As I see what's happening to our great nation Matthew 24:8 comes to mind, "All these are the beginning of sorrows."

Love and Hate in Dixie

Jun 26, 2015 by mack mullican
City: Gilmer • 
State: Tx • 
Country: Us 

May God bless you for your "Love and Hate in Dixie".

Long Time Fan

Jun 18, 2015 by 'james murphy
City: Ojai • 
State: Ca • 
Country: Usa 

I have followed Pat since the 70's since, whether I agree with him or not, he has been one of the few "pundits" that has remained consistent in his views. Thank you Pat for being honest, and instructive for all this time.

Trade Deal

Jun 17, 2015 by Dom Salute
City: Clarkesville • 
State: Ga. • 
Country: USA 

Pat: No one seems to be talking about the flood of
immigrants that will ensue once a new trade deal is done.

A good man found!

Jun 11, 2015 by Ralph Alexander
City: Rochester • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, when others question my political leaning I simply ask them to read any of your writings and there they will find my beliefs!
While some of them do not agree with your/my beliefs, nearly all of them have shown me more respect after I have told them thus.
God Bless You!

Imperial Overstretch

Jun 10, 2015 by patrick owens
City: Munster • 
State: IN • 
Country: United States 

Dear Mr. Buchanan,

Thank you, Mr. Buchanan. I enjoy very much your articles. Only you and George Will retain the ability to write, among those whose politics are situated somewhere right of center. And you alone accurately portray the dangers that face America.

Trans Pacific Partnership

Jun 10, 2015 by David
City: Binghamton • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

I am waiting for you to weigh in on again another Free Trade Agreement putting the final death nail in Manufacturing in the United States.

Help US

Jun 05, 2015 by E from Queens NY
City: NYC • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, any chance you can run for President again?

Sorry Mr. Franklin

Jun 05, 2015 by Rob
City: Vero Beach • 
State: FL • 
Country: The old USA 

As he just emerged from the Constitutional Convention in 1789, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government the American people were going to have; Benjamin Franklin replied "A republic, madam, if you can keep it." Whereas Rubio, Cruz, McCain, Graham, Christie, and other Republican contenders for the 2016 presidential race as well as all Democratic presidential contenders pledge their undying support for the defense of Israel using our Mother’s beloved children as cannon fodder to go to war with Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinians, Libya, Lebanon, Russia, the Shiites, the United Nations, and everyone else that dislikes them, and names anyone that questions this sacred objective to be un-patriotic, uneducated in foreign policy, un-friendly to our most important ally, and downright anti-Semitic and Whereas all Media Outlets, Universities, Hollywood, New York City, LA , Wall Street, Big Bankers, use their monies, to further this cause and has bought the US Congress to do their bidding, I hereby declare, “Madam! You failed to keep the Republic and it is now dead” Sorry Mr. Franklin.

Economic Nationalism

Jun 03, 2015 by thomas hackworth
City: Ojai • 
State: Ca • 
Country: United States 

Please get out front on the TPP and trade in general. Don't get baited on social issues when these trade deals are killing our country and only you have standing to lead.

You are the Best!

Jun 02, 2015 by Tim Lindsay
City: Scotia • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, I have been following your career since the Reagan days. Your intellect and commonsense never ceases to amaze me. Keep exposing the neo-cons and the Establishment for their self-centered goals which may one day destroy this great Republic. The Establishment can have the likes of McCain and Hannity etc. (there are so many). There are many more of "us" like minded Patriots out here than they think!

Cultural Cleansing of Christian Men

Jun 02, 2015 by Doug Groce
City: Louisville • 
State: Kentucky • 
Country: USA 

Have the utmost respect for you, Mr. Buchanan. I watch McLaughlin Group each week just to hear your comments. You are right on about foreign policy and I have your book "Day of Reckoning". But I have to disagree with you on your stance on this article. I am with the university. Personally, I hate statues of any person. I'd rather we got rid of them all. It smacks of idolatry and I love Pope Francis. I'm 70 years old and I don't think Judeo Christianity is superior to any monotheistic faith. But I respect your belief. Thank you for standing up against the Hubris of our established American foreign militaristic policy.

We Need Action

Jun 02, 2015 by GOP District Leader
City: New York • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, thank you for continuing with your posts and commentaries. It's so refreshing and uplifting to realize there are others in this great country who have and espouse common sense. Would you be able to write posts with real, feasible actions that we "street level" Republicans can use to retake our party, our country? Thank you, and God bless you and your supporters.

Thanks Pat!

Jun 01, 2015 by Paul
City: Memphis • 
State: TN • 
Country: USA 

Thank you Pat for your willingness to boldly state what is occurring in our country, especially as it relates to the criminal activity with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers et al. The danger to this country lies within. When these criminals can loot the cofers of this nation, while exporting wealth and wrecking the economy, our DOJ does nothing. Meanwhile, Lloyd Blankfein arrogantly states he is "doing God's work".

Pat Buchanan vs. Hannity on Iran, Iraq and Bibi

May 30, 2015 by Ken
City: Tehlaquah • 
State: OK • 
Country: US 

Why does Hannity think that Iran is so anxious to have talks with us, that they'll concede so much before they even start?

America Needs You Now!

May 29, 2015 by Robert Hargrave
City: Durham • 
State: North Carolina • 
Country: USA 

Been a Buchanan Brigader throughout the 1990s and 00! Been a Conservative from Joe McCarthy, Goldwater, Buckley, and many others and Buchanan. Who would you support in the 2016-17 Primary since you are not going to run? Huckabee, Santorum, or Trump? or someone else? God Bless You and Shelly. Was a lone Buchanan activist for you in Durham, NC in all three campaigns. Can you believe I don\'t know anyone here in Durham that thinks like you and myself after living here for 35 yrs. Local GOP is solidly Bush and Internationalist people! Please help me find some Conservatives like you and me here in Durham, NC. if you would be so kind.

the Decline of Christian America

May 27, 2015 by Ken
City: Atlanta • 
State: Ga • 
Country: USA 

Very true... One other observation. The government has spearheaded churches by injecting their view of tolerance. The churches have been put between a rock and a hard place in not wanting to be singled out. Consequently, they make a decision to take sides which divide the churches. With this, new no name churches are created. Churches which can't sustain.

In general

May 27, 2015 by Ole O. Halvorsen
City: Bergen • 
State: Sogn og fjordane • 
Country: Norway 

I just wanted to tell you Pat Buchanan, you`re a great American and man. I respect people like you, who say what they think is right and good. And who loves his people. I'm not an American, but I wish you the best, and that's what people like you are pushing the USA towards. You're a national treasure.

Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War

May 11, 2015 by Alexander Clark
City: Califon • 
State: NJ • 
Country: United States 

Hello Mr. Buchanan,
I recently finished your work on WW2, and while I did not agree in totality with it, I did appreciate a new, thought-provoking perspective on the conflict. This may sound weird, but can we meet sometime? As a high school student who loves history, I'd be interested to hear more from you.

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