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Jun 17, 2016 by joseph thauberger
City: Joseph • 
State: Saskatchewan • 
Country: Canada 

I have quoted countless times Pat\'s most insightful comment of all time on CNN in Feb. 2003 ... \"The three people in the world who would be most disappointed if there was no war would be Ariel Sharon, Richard Perle, and Osama bin Laden.\"

I am also immensely curious about Pat\'s opinion of the demolition of tower 7 on 9-11?


Jun 16, 2016 by David Butler
State: PA. • 
Country: USA 

You should republish your 2002 book, \"Death of the West,\" as all you said 14 years ago is fast becoming true! Particularly in the last 8 years!

Wise choice: Islam vs. West AOT East vs. West

Jun 16, 2016 by Jan Kozel
City: Sturgeon Falls • 
State: Ontario • 
Country: Canada 

I was impressed by Pat\'s choice of the title -- well, that\'s just the beginning 😉 Now is indeed the time to pause and reflect -- the French and Germans had already learned the lesson of the bitten hand of a feeder. And I sincerely hope they will not rely upon the Russians to free them again from the yoke of oppression caused by their own \"mistakes\" (as in arrogance and hubris) repeated again and again.

Definition of "Fundamentally Changing America"

Jun 14, 2016 by James Ristow
City: San Diego • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

The definition of Obama's plan to "fundamentally change America" is "cultural cleansing".

Why Trump Must Not Apologize

Jun 11, 2016 by James Giles
City: Fort Collins • 
State: Colorado • 
Country: USA 

You are right. Trump doesn\'t get anything by apologizing. Hope you don\'t mind but I asked the Trump campaign to consider Pat Buchanan for Vice President.


Jun 10, 2016 by Joan Cefalu
City: Joan • 
State: California • 
Country: USA 

I read your columns in my paper twice a week. Thank you for them as they express my feelings. I don\'t know how anyone can disagree with you. Just wanted you to know!

Why Trump must not apologize

Jun 10, 2016 by Ricardo Moriya Soares
City: Belem • 
State: Para • 
Country: Brazil 

Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock and let people know how ill advised they were in the late 80\'s early-mid 90\'s. I thank you sir for your courage and thoughts on many subjects that are now considered to be controversial - when they\'re supposed to be common sense. Why the so-called smart people get so surprised when Trump says something that\'s logical and true? I am a Brazilian national and a big fan of you and all you\'ve accomplished since when I was an infant (mid 70\'s), and when I say a big fan is because I have read your books and studied your biography... In other words: No other public person has done more for the survival of what we call Western values.

Thank you

Jun 10, 2016 by Vincent
City: Saint James • 
State: New York • 
Country: USA 

Thanks for all you do for those of us who suffer under the daily attacks of anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-American reporting by the vile media and corrupt politicians. God Bless you.


Jun 10, 2016 by leslie alexander
City: Lafayette • 
State: La • 
Country: Usa 

In fine form, sir! Your column today is poetry. Just exceptional. Hope you are well. God bless!

Pat for VP

Jun 10, 2016 by John Moore
City: Raleigh • 
State: NC • 
Country: USA 

Pat for VP! I hope that Mr Trump puts Pat on the ticket as VP. That would make the progressives so angry they would hibernate in there safe room for 8 years.

American Hero

Jun 10, 2016 by John
City: Fishkill • 
State: New York • 
Country: United States 

Mr. Buchanan, I am 21 and cannot get enough of your work. You are a brilliant man. I hope you understand that my generation of conservatives are allied with you, and your views. You have opened the eyes of many Americans and continue to do so. I wish you health and a long life to continue fighting for our nation and way of life. You are an American hero, standing up to a hostile world. We are all behind you and support you. Thank you so much for the great work you have done. God bless.


Jun 08, 2016 by Odin Von Togan
City: Silver City • 
State: NM • 
Country: USA 

Immigration should not only be restricted and enforced, it should be stopped, with very few exceptions. I have worked with PhDs from Taiwan, Korea, Jordan and elsewher. Somehow, we need drastic changes to our immigration policies and enforcement - with requirements to allow in only the immigrants of excellent character and capability and true comprehension of why the US is the best. Such were once the laws in this country - and we need to bring those laws back immediately.

No Clinton's Please

Jun 08, 2016 by Carole Shawa
City: Paradise • 
State: CA • 
Country: Usa 

I'm a older woman and would really like to see a woman President take office. But, Ms. Clinton is not the one i've been wating for. We would have a "What difference does it make?", and a pervert behind the scenes running the most special country in the world. We can and should do better than this.

The Donald & The La Raza Judge

Jun 07, 2016 by DEE
City: Salisbury • 
State: NC • 
Country: United States of America 

Pat, You are right on point in this article. I'm a recent convert to the Republican Party due to Trump's America First attitude. You are indeed a TRUE Republican. I was amazed at how fast all of these fence sitting republicans jumped to defend this judge. With all the negative news that Hillary continues to garner I don't hear the Democrats calling for her to exit the race. It seems some republicans don't have the fight in them that you do. I applaud you !

Trump University

Jun 07, 2016 by Del kloog
City: Phx • 
State: Az • 
Country: USA I think 

Postpone Trump University till next year it\'s not a election issue. Let\'s get behind Trump and stop Hillary. Pat your the man that can help put the GOP TOGETHER to stop Hillary

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