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PJB, an American Patriot

Aug 08, 2011 by Michael S. Brumback
City: Yakima • 
State: WA • 
Country: USA 

Pat, It appears lame politicians, charged with the solemn duty to guide our nation in the ways of government, have brought us to this new era of \"The Great American Reckoning\". It is a sad sight to behold.

You were all over these issues years ago. You warned us; most slept through the sirens. Now we must pay the piper.

I am forever grateful to you for your brutal honesty in warning us about our wayward paths. Your enemies attempted to vilify you, and you suffered many offenses for your honesty. You said what people did not want to hear. And now we are paying for OUR transgressions of electing the spineless and, dare I say, traitorous to run out nation\'s government.

But all is not lost. The American stock is tougher than those who attempt to bring us down. We will prevail, but the road will be hard. Thank you again, sir. Hopefully, we will listen this go-round.


Aug 07, 2011 by Craig
City: Fort Smith • 
State: Aransas • 
Country: USA 

I would be willing to bet that nobody watched more \"Crossfire\" shows than I did back in the 80\'s. It was appointment TV for me... everyday Monday thru Friday. Get home from work, mix a drink and watch Pat and Tom duke it out. Sure would like to see you back in that format. There\'s nothing like it on TV today. It would be an instant hit... at a time when we need intelligent debate more than ever.

The Great Betrayal

Aug 04, 2011 by Barbara E. Helm
City: Montrose, • 
State: Colorado • 
Country: USA 

This book is right-on for today. The book jacket comments stress your writing ability. But your insight to the future of our country should have been taken seriously in 1998.

Thank you so much!

Aug 03, 2011 by Debbie Jaynes
City: Long Beach • 
State: Calif • 
Country: USA 

Dear Mr. Buchanan,
Thanking you for your intellectual honesty. I have read your blog for hours at a time and learned so much about our country and our government, world history, information I just can't find elsewhere, or do not know where to look. Grateful to feel I know you and learn from your knowledge of a very important chunk of America.
Debbie Jaynes


Aug 02, 2011 by Keith Dobbs
City: Christchurch • 
State: Canterbury • 
Country: New Zealand 

Dear Pat, ,

I lived in the USA from 1987 to 2009 and have been a big supporter of yours -- both on your writing and your political endeavors. Congratulations for all you have given your followers. We are better people thanks to your efforts.

Keith Dobbs

Thanks for the Response Note Pat

Jul 29, 2011 by Richard Avard
City: Newport Beach • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Thanks for your recent \"thank-you\" note in response to my recent comment to you on this site urging you to run for President in 2012. You declared in the note that you had \"already run three times, and that was enough, and get yourself another boy.\" I had to chuckle . I already knew your campaign history as I had worked very hard for you on all three runs.

I am the guy that placed in your hands the book \"American Political Economy\" back in 1992 in Newport, CA on one of your visits here. This book, published in Germany, was a compilation of the articles written by Frederick List, German Economist, a contemporary of Alexander Hamilton. They were published in a Philadelphia newspaper wherein he lambasted the theories of Adam Smith and instead promoted the theories of National Economy (later renamed the \"The American system\" by Clay during the Lincoln era. So thanks again.

This makes four such notes from you over the years. They will be very collectable as they will be from the man who warned us endlessly, offered his services 3 times to do what works, but was rejected by a dumbed down and ignorant America. When this economy totally collapses you can announce, \"I tried to educate you folks. I wrote hundreds of articles, numerous books, and still you did hot listen. Better luck next time if there is a next time.\"

You have my vote!

Jul 27, 2011 by Jess Norris
City: Blue Springs • 
State: Missouri • 
Country: USA 

If you deside to run for president, you have my vote hands down.

No two part deal

Jul 26, 2011 by Connie Hart
City: Syracuse • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, we can\'t put our wonderful country through these debt negotiations again in six months. When will Congress get to addressing the pressing issues of the economy? The American people deserve better than this.
Thank you!!

Jesse Ventura for President

Jul 24, 2011 by Jeffery Hawkins
City: Costa Mesa • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Since you have made it abundantly clear you are not going to run again (I guess 3 times is enough - I worked on all your campaigns), I am going to work and vote for the election of Jesse Ventura. He has made comments that if Ron Paul does not get the nomination for Republican candidate for President, he may run as an Independent like he did in Minnesota for Governor (and won). He has the guts, projects a strong image, and knows whats going on -- ie, Fed Reserve scam, \"Free Trade vs The American system, Immigration fiasco and he is smart.

I will never again vote for a Republi-Crat. They have all but destroyed this country. This currant debt spectacle in DC is sickening but revealing. Very few of them know what the hell they are doing.

Ron Paul

Jul 20, 2011 by Jason
City: Delano • 
State: MN • 
Country: USA 

Hi Mr. Buchanan,

I voted for you in 2000 - my first vote for president at the age of 18. I am now nearing 30, and admire Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Would you please publicly endorse him? I know you both have a lot in common with political views.

Sincerely, Jason

Last Man Standing

Jul 14, 2011 by Waqar Khan
City: Islamabad • 
State: Islamabad • 
Country: Pakistan 

I have been a close follower of your great works. It appears that you are one of those last men standing who would continue to raise their voice in this noisy jungle called America. The only thing I don\'t understand is why policy makers in the US cannot understand your line of thinking which is based on common sense and truth. Taking the lead from your book, \"The Death of the West,\" I am working on my own version of demographics and how these will affect the entire globe. Thanks for your words of wisdom, I wish people of America listen to your sane voice before it is too late.

A Book Idea

Jul 12, 2011 by Craig Denman
City: Holliston • 
State: Massachusetts • 
Country: United States 

I thought of an idea for a book that would be favorably received; a book about your relationship with Richard Nixon, including events that occurred behind the scenes which would reveal the Nixon you knew so well. I saw you on In-Depth on C-Span, great interview. Keep up the good work!

Morning Joe

Jul 11, 2011 by Steve Rose
City: Bradenton • 
State: Fl • 
Country: Usa 

Keep tearing up those Libs on Joe. Wish I could have voted for you in the past. I\'m only 30. Keep up the good work.

You Did a Great Job Today All By Yourself

Jul 05, 2011 by Carol Webb
City: Wichita • 
State: KS • 
Country: USA 

I have to say I get offended at how much time Joe takes off, but I want to compliment you on how well you did taking the conservative position all by your lonesome. You made so many good points. I just can\'t believe that Donny D does not get how workers, not fat cats get hurt by luxury taxes, even when we have proof! I live in Wichita, KS and the machinist unions, although many are pro-Obama, are not happy about his corporate jet remarks. The workers will pay, not the owners of the jets. Democrats do not understand anything that is at all counter-intuitive. I am sick of these secret meetings. I want a fight on the floors of the House and the Senate.

Let Donny Deutsch Pay For It

Jul 05, 2011 by Dale
City: Flagler Beach • 
State: FL • 
Country: USA 

Donny did his best to accuse you of being an amoral person in regards to the rich paying more taxes regardless of it\'s effect on the economy. I say, \"Let\'s compromise\" and let the rich Democrats raise taxes on themselves. That would take care of a bunch of debt and salve their bleeding hearts.

Afghanistan War and Costs

Jul 05, 2011 by Mary
City: Cambridge • 
State: MA • 
Country: USA 

Pat, I am from the same tradition as you. I once sponsored a debate between Buckley and Schelisinger. Listening to you on Morning Joe, despite our common roots, we have arrived at divergent views. All this debate about cutting Medicaid to the poor when we are spending two billion a week on war trying to impose democracy on a tribal nation doesn\'t jibe. To whom much is given much is expected. Love your books.

Dear Pat,

Jul 05, 2011 by Trudy Nash
City: Broadview Heights • 
State: Ohio • 
Country: USA 

You were magical on Morning Joe this morning! The difference between your simple economic logic and the blatant \"reverse snobbery\" of Donny, Harold and Mika, made you sound like the teacher in the kindergarten. Thank you Pat for your wisdom and maturity.

Dear Pat,

Jul 05, 2011 by James Marando
City: Quad Cities • 
State: IL • 
Country: USA 

You have been spot on for over 35 years. Your insight and foresight has been tremendous. Pity you were not able to get into a position of power to get us on track and keep us there. You have been a lighthouse for us over the years. I fear, the ship that is our country, will hit the rocks in spite of all your efforts. God bless you my friend.


Where have you been?

Jun 29, 2011 by Kathy Daleiden
City: Kingwood • 
State: TX • 
Country: United States 

We miss you on Morning Joe.....your voice has been desperately needed and missed. My husband and I are big fans. Loved your book 'Right from the Beginning.'

Dear Pat,

Jun 27, 2011 by Robert McDonald
City: Oshkosh • 
State: Wisconsin • 
Country: 54904 

Keep espousing intellectually consistent traditional conservatism informed by the Truth.

Tariff Revenue Could help Eliminate the Deficit

Jun 27, 2011 by John Moss
City: Aliso Viejo • 
State: Ca • 
Country: USA 

Imposing Tariffs on nations who employ restrictions on our products along with Tariffs to protect certain US industries, could generate revenue to the government plus create new jobs and protect existing ones in industries we want to protect. Why haven't any politicians jumped on this issue?


Jun 22, 2011 by Deborah Vaughn
City: Birmingham • 
State: Alabama • 
Country: U.S. 

Dear Mr. Buchanan,
Every time I hear anything regarding immigration issues in reference to our neighbors to the south, I am reminded of something you said several years ago on the program "Crossfire". You warned that we were in danger of losing our country and that by a certain year (was it perhaps 2018 or 2020?) that English would no longer be the dominant language here in the U.S. This has never left my mind for some reason. The census statistics are now out. The Hispanic population in my home state of Alabama has increased by over 200,000 since the last census was taken. Please run for President again. We need an hero who is not intimidated by the left. You would have my vote once again.

The Dumbing Down of America's Youth

Jun 22, 2011 by Nikki Hartline
City: Tulsa • 
State: OK • 
Country: USA 

I agree wholeheartedly with your article. Education today is very scary. I am a substitute teacher and am in the classroom daily while school is in session. Not only do they have no grasp of history, most of them, even the native born, do not have good English skills. They do not read, though looking through the literature textbook, I find quite a bit of the choices uninspiring. Please continue to make the American public aware of the failure of the education system.

Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan 2012!

Jun 22, 2011 by Anonymous
City: NY • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Please run with Paul and or rerun yourself for the presidency. Like Ron Paul your message resonates now more than it ever has. Please consider it, America needs you!

The Dumbing-Down of America

Jun 21, 2011 by Sam
City: Port Richey • 
State: Florida • 
Country: U.S.A. 

I wholeheartedly agree with you! This has been happening for quite a while now, and it shows.

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 954 954 Dear Pat, I want you to know that my entire family supported you during your campaigns for president. We continue to enjoy all of your books, columns and whenever we can catch you