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Endorse Dr. Paul

Aug 31, 2011 by Keith Snyder
City: Brooklyn • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

I think around December or January that you endorse Ron Paul for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Given the current field of candidates and your consistent non-interventionist position in regard foreign policy, I do not think you have another option. My belief is that Dr. Paul would win the general election in a landslide but faces a very difficult challenge to get the nomination. You sir could change that.

Why the Republi-Crats Can\'t & Won\'t Fix the Economy

Aug 26, 2011 by Richard Avard
City: Newport Beach • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

The direct causes of the Great Recession and soon to be Second Great Depression can be directly attributed to the policies initiated, promoted and put into effect by both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

To fix the economy the Parties would have to accurately identify the root causes, and to do so would reveal that they are the very ones responsible for the polices that lead us to this situation, and therefore condemn themselves as to being incompetent bordering on criminal, or as good old fashioned sellouts! This would finish off both Parties and therefore they will not identify and address the roof causes.

Do you all think either party is going to admit that they are the cause of all our problems? I think not, Expect no plausible plan from either Party Do prepare for a total Economic meltdown ending in chaos and mob/gang rule and then Martial Law courtesy of Home land Security. But cheer up: The Retention Camps are ready and waiting.

Longing for the America that once was...

Aug 26, 2011 by Nick
City: Baltimore • 
State: MD • 
Country: USA 


Whenever I read your pieces, I grow ever more nostalgic for an America that I will never know. A 23 year old WASP, I cringe to think what the USA will look like when I\'m 80, and shudder to think what will become of like minded people.

However, we cannot dwell on the gloomy aspects of the changing America. Harrowing obsession must give way to stoic acceptance, and we must focus on preserving and promoting our vision of the national consciousness.

Who Will Carry the Tourch?

Aug 25, 2011 by Colin
City: Tacoma • 
State: WA • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan, you completely changed my worldview from that of a typical college graduate to a conservative member of the Brigade. I believe that if it wasn\'t for your eloquence and experience they would never let you speak about your views on TV. I wonder, when you are gone who will (be allowed to) carry the message of true conservatism to the people? May you live forever sir.


Aug 24, 2011 by Nicephoros
City: New York • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

How about a Buchanan campaign for the Republican nomination, sir ?!

Then Thune as VP-candidate could be nice.

I\'m Changing Party Affilation

Aug 24, 2011 by Ron Clay
City: Huntington • 
State: WV • 
Country: U.S.A. 

My family has been Democratic since the Whig Party died. I'm now changing from Democrat to Independent because in WV an Independent can vote for either party in primary and I will vote for Ron Paul!!!

Thanks, Pat

Aug 24, 2011 by Dmitry S.
City: Moscow • 
State: Moscow • 
Country: Russia 

Pat, thank you very much for you fight with cultural Marxism.
Sincerely, Dmitry.

Politics Revealed

Aug 22, 2011 by Adam P.
City: Tampa • 
State: Florida • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan,
I read your article in the Tampa Tribune about staying out of Russia\'s affairs. As a someone who has studied US/Russian relations, I was very impressed by your truthful perspective. As my political views moved from rather Marxist to libertarian conservative, I have continued to enjoy reading your commentary. I rarely find commentary that considers cultural and social aspects within the economical and political backdrop. For such perspectives are laudable indeed!

Our Culture Warrior Elite

Aug 19, 2011 by Cody
City: New York • 
State: New York • 
Country: United States 

It is currently 2011. I went back to read your perspective on the Iraq War only a year after the Battle of Baghdad. You pointed out how Wolfowitz and other assorted neoconservative interests drove Bush to make that mistake. You had amazing clarity in a confusing situation. At the same time, your identification of Americans not liking Mr. Mankiw\'s ideas proved prophetic. If we can look to what you\'ve said in the past and see how frequently helpful your ideas were for the American people, then we can be reassured that your current publishing\'s still give the American people what they need to know.

Love your editorials

Aug 16, 2011 by Jess
City: Grove City • 
State: OH • 
Country: USA 

I have been reading your editorials on Yahoo for years. It seems that Yahoo has stopped or at least delayed your messages. However, I find them insightful, spot on and relevant. The country needs help, and hopefully more will read your editorials and realize you have the answers, if only people would listen.

Took me a while to discover you

Aug 11, 2011 by Yevgen
City: Chicago • 
State: IL • 
Country: USA 

I\'d like to say that I am a big fan. I first heard of your book close to ten years ago, shortly after I arrived in the US, but I didn\'t get the name right because I didn\'t speak English. Not until about three months ago did I come across a reference of your name and who you were. I am a legal immigrant and I support your views.

Churchill and Hitler

Aug 10, 2011 by Bill Lord
City: Fort Walton Beach • 
State: Florida • 
Country: USA 

Really appreciate your novel insights into the First and Second World wars - having been born in England in 1938 I can relate fully to many of your observations concerning that country and how it lost it's Empire. Now that I am a citizen of these United States I would welcome a similar in-depth study and (perhaps your next) book on just how we (the US) have lost almost all the benefits of our revolution!!

Neocons and Foreign Policy

Aug 10, 2011 by Zach Watkins
City: Garland • 
State: Texas • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan:
Thanks for all your article, books and television appearances. You\'ve really educated me [correctly] about what the real conservatives and Republicans should believe and advocate in foreign policy. I\'m a proud isolationist and yes, Mr. Buchanan, \"making the world safe for Democracy\" is a progressive idea. No real conservative support our foreign policy over the last 100 years.

Ron Paul

Aug 09, 2011 by Jeff
City: Lockport • 
State: Il • 
Country: USA 

Hey Pat, I typically am in agreement with your articles and love your sensible views on all topics. I am perhaps, only in opposition to you when it comes to the curbing of our rights for supposed safety. While I know that this sections title asks for no specific comments, I cant help but ask why you made Ryan the president in today\'s article and Ron Paul as speaker; and simply didn\'t make Ron Paul the president; since if we want to save our country he is likely the only hope, since you aren\'t running!! PS - I checked the box to denote that I am human, but some liberals may contest that as merely my own personal belief that they don\'t share !! lol.

PJB, an American Patriot

Aug 08, 2011 by Michael S. Brumback
City: Yakima • 
State: WA • 
Country: USA 

Pat, It appears lame politicians, charged with the solemn duty to guide our nation in the ways of government, have brought us to this new era of \"The Great American Reckoning\". It is a sad sight to behold.

You were all over these issues years ago. You warned us; most slept through the sirens. Now we must pay the piper.

I am forever grateful to you for your brutal honesty in warning us about our wayward paths. Your enemies attempted to vilify you, and you suffered many offenses for your honesty. You said what people did not want to hear. And now we are paying for OUR transgressions of electing the spineless and, dare I say, traitorous to run out nation\'s government.

But all is not lost. The American stock is tougher than those who attempt to bring us down. We will prevail, but the road will be hard. Thank you again, sir. Hopefully, we will listen this go-round.


Aug 07, 2011 by Craig
City: Fort Smith • 
State: Aransas • 
Country: USA 

I would be willing to bet that nobody watched more \"Crossfire\" shows than I did back in the 80\'s. It was appointment TV for me... everyday Monday thru Friday. Get home from work, mix a drink and watch Pat and Tom duke it out. Sure would like to see you back in that format. There\'s nothing like it on TV today. It would be an instant hit... at a time when we need intelligent debate more than ever.

The Great Betrayal

Aug 04, 2011 by Barbara E. Helm
City: Montrose, • 
State: Colorado • 
Country: USA 

This book is right-on for today. The book jacket comments stress your writing ability. But your insight to the future of our country should have been taken seriously in 1998.

Thank you so much!

Aug 03, 2011 by Debbie Jaynes
City: Long Beach • 
State: Calif • 
Country: USA 

Dear Mr. Buchanan,
Thanking you for your intellectual honesty. I have read your blog for hours at a time and learned so much about our country and our government, world history, information I just can't find elsewhere, or do not know where to look. Grateful to feel I know you and learn from your knowledge of a very important chunk of America.
Debbie Jaynes


Aug 02, 2011 by Keith Dobbs
City: Christchurch • 
State: Canterbury • 
Country: New Zealand 

Dear Pat, ,

I lived in the USA from 1987 to 2009 and have been a big supporter of yours -- both on your writing and your political endeavors. Congratulations for all you have given your followers. We are better people thanks to your efforts.

Keith Dobbs

Thanks for the Response Note Pat

Jul 29, 2011 by Richard Avard
City: Newport Beach • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Thanks for your recent \"thank-you\" note in response to my recent comment to you on this site urging you to run for President in 2012. You declared in the note that you had \"already run three times, and that was enough, and get yourself another boy.\" I had to chuckle . I already knew your campaign history as I had worked very hard for you on all three runs.

I am the guy that placed in your hands the book \"American Political Economy\" back in 1992 in Newport, CA on one of your visits here. This book, published in Germany, was a compilation of the articles written by Frederick List, German Economist, a contemporary of Alexander Hamilton. They were published in a Philadelphia newspaper wherein he lambasted the theories of Adam Smith and instead promoted the theories of National Economy (later renamed the \"The American system\" by Clay during the Lincoln era. So thanks again.

This makes four such notes from you over the years. They will be very collectable as they will be from the man who warned us endlessly, offered his services 3 times to do what works, but was rejected by a dumbed down and ignorant America. When this economy totally collapses you can announce, \"I tried to educate you folks. I wrote hundreds of articles, numerous books, and still you did hot listen. Better luck next time if there is a next time.\"

You have my vote!

Jul 27, 2011 by Jess Norris
City: Blue Springs • 
State: Missouri • 
Country: USA 

If you deside to run for president, you have my vote hands down.

No two part deal

Jul 26, 2011 by Connie Hart
City: Syracuse • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, we can\'t put our wonderful country through these debt negotiations again in six months. When will Congress get to addressing the pressing issues of the economy? The American people deserve better than this.
Thank you!!

Jesse Ventura for President

Jul 24, 2011 by Jeffery Hawkins
City: Costa Mesa • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Since you have made it abundantly clear you are not going to run again (I guess 3 times is enough - I worked on all your campaigns), I am going to work and vote for the election of Jesse Ventura. He has made comments that if Ron Paul does not get the nomination for Republican candidate for President, he may run as an Independent like he did in Minnesota for Governor (and won). He has the guts, projects a strong image, and knows whats going on -- ie, Fed Reserve scam, \"Free Trade vs The American system, Immigration fiasco and he is smart.

I will never again vote for a Republi-Crat. They have all but destroyed this country. This currant debt spectacle in DC is sickening but revealing. Very few of them know what the hell they are doing.

Ron Paul

Jul 20, 2011 by Jason
City: Delano • 
State: MN • 
Country: USA 

Hi Mr. Buchanan,

I voted for you in 2000 - my first vote for president at the age of 18. I am now nearing 30, and admire Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Would you please publicly endorse him? I know you both have a lot in common with political views.

Sincerely, Jason

Last Man Standing

Jul 14, 2011 by Waqar Khan
City: Islamabad • 
State: Islamabad • 
Country: Pakistan 

I have been a close follower of your great works. It appears that you are one of those last men standing who would continue to raise their voice in this noisy jungle called America. The only thing I don\'t understand is why policy makers in the US cannot understand your line of thinking which is based on common sense and truth. Taking the lead from your book, \"The Death of the West,\" I am working on my own version of demographics and how these will affect the entire globe. Thanks for your words of wisdom, I wish people of America listen to your sane voice before it is too late.

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 943 943 Why does no one listen to you? Could it be that we are not a democracy and thus there is very little free speech published? Maybe we are nothing but an occupied country. As long as