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Dec 10, 2014 by Phil Breden
City: Godfrey • 
State: Illinois • 
Country: US 


Thank you for publicly saying what we all believe. It takes guts today in the PC world to speak out and speak the truth.

A Russophobic Rant

Dec 09, 2014 by Susan Massey
City: Bellevue • 
State: Washington • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat,
Your final sentence: >>Those who produced this provocative resolution do not belong in charge of U.S. foreign policy, nor of America's nuclear arsenal.


Dec 07, 2014 by Mllard Altis
City: Greenfield • 
State: Missouri • 
Country: U S A 

I am an 81 year old white male. Voted Democrat all my life. Except once for Ross Perot. Will not, cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. Will not print what I think of her. I will vote Republican before I vote for Hillary. She will not only ruin the country, but also the Democrat Party. Hillary ruins everything she touches.

The Greatest Masterclass

Dec 03, 2014 by Jari Peltola
City: Jyvaskyla • 
State: N.a. • 
Country: Finland 

Dear Mr. Buchanan,
I am a Finnish political scientist as well as novelist, and I just finished The Greatest Comeback. It was an extremely written and edited story of a compelling political campaign.

The book also contested the indirect argument presented on D.A. Pennebaker's documentary 'The War Room' about the 1992 Clinton campaign being the first 'modern' presidential campaign ever in the U.S. It seems to me that the Nixon '68 campaign already had all the central elements in place when it comes to rapid response etc.

To me the most intriguing aspect in the book was the preparation process between Nixon and his staff. I got the feeling that sometimes there was Buchanan and Nixon planning on what a candidate called RN should say or do next, as if the person Richard Nixon was somehow able to observe and evaluate his own public life image from an outside vantage point with his assistants.

Regardless of one's own political beliefs, I would definitely recommend The Greatest Comeback as both an insight to political argumentation as well as generally spending quality time with an excellent book.

More Befuddlement in Ferguson

Nov 27, 2014 by dennis sampson
City: Richomond • 
State: VA • 
Country: Usa 

Pat, Please tell the Reverend Sharpton to gain some weight, he looks like hell. He almost looks like he has a communicable disease.

The Greatest Comeback

Nov 27, 2014 by David W Dirling
City: Denver • 
State: CO • 
Country: USA 

I knew you were a speechwriter so I assume this book is not ghostwritten. In fact, it is written so well I hear your voice when I read it. Great storytelling and what a fascinating account of the strategies of the campaigns. It's not very political despite being about political campaigns. Every political stripe will enjoy this book (except the frothing at the mouth lunatics that start pulling out their hair at the very mention of the name Pat Buchanan). The best writing style I have read since Tom Wolfe, and that's saying a lot.

Riot, not Ferguson verdict...

Nov 26, 2014 by Gayle Small
City: Watertown • 
State: South Dakota • 
Country: United States 

Very good article. Shame on all of us, US citizens, for becoming so complacent that we have allowed anarchy to be tolerated by our President and our Attorney General. Not only tolerated, but encouraged. " All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."--Edmund Burke


Nov 22, 2014 by Francis (Bud) Delaney
City: Niskayuna • 
State: New York • 
Country: USA 

Would you please write a column dealing with the Monroe Doctrine and what appears to be our present lawless behavior in so many parts of the world today?

All articles on GOP as War Party

Nov 22, 2014 by Walter Suter
City: Vero Beach • 
State: FL • 
Country: USA 

You hit the nail on the head on this issue. Fortunately, the GOP has become a party of wolf-criers when it comes to "threats" to "our Freedom". If only your wisdom prevailed in our current situation with ISIS and in our approach to our overall relationship with Russia.

Did We Vote for War

Nov 21, 2014 by Dick Williamson
City: Tulsa • 
State: Ok • 
Country: USA 

Just wanted Pat to know that I and many of my friends think that he is the only one in Washington who has any sense whatsoever and that we value his opinion on all matters.

Did we vote for war?

Nov 20, 2014 by George Hall
City: Katy • 
State: Tx. • 
Country: US 

Good article Pat, I don't think we have any say about war or not any more.(maybe we never did) We told them not to go into Syria so they invented IS to get us in the back door. Also: Let's stop the TPP!

All articles on GOP as War Party

Nov 19, 2014 by Richard L. Tradewell
City: Laguna Hills, • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

As a Vietnam Army Infantry veteran (1968-69), and limited- government, conservative, I pray each day to know that God, Principle, is in control and that the GOP will awaken to its real mission of choice and freedom in domestic schooling, health care, entitlement reform and give us reduced debt and a balanced budget. You are my personal hero and one of the most articulate voices of sanity against the military solution for every ill. THANK YOU.

The Greatest Comeback

Nov 10, 2014 by William Turnbull
City: Montreal • 
State: Quebec • 
Country: Canada 

Just a short note to let you know how I greatly enjoyed reading this book, it was fascinating. What was it like to work with RN from a human perspective?

Rules of engagement

Nov 06, 2014 by Ken Trefaller
City: Boise • 
State: Id • 
Country: USA 

Coverup or what. No one spells out the rules of engagement on the air war over Iraq and Syria. Par please look into this matter I think it will be scandalous.


Nov 02, 2014 by Michael E. Burns
City: Lebanon • 
State: Indiana • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan, For years now I have been giving the same book as Christmas gifts for both my sons, Brad Burns and Boyd Burns, who are a few years apart in age, but almost identical twins in their devotion to conservative principles. This year I plan to give them each a copy of your magnificent new book, THE GREAT COMEBACK, but I wondered if there\'s any way to obtain personally autographed copies of the book. And I sincerely thank you, sir. Michael E. Burns

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1233 1233 Note that our allie Japan has been building shoals in the Philippine Sea since 1987 (Washington Post, May 20). Why no objection from the U.S.? Why the double standard?