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Obscurity at its' best

May 10, 2016 by Michael D Mcpherson
City: Rayong • 
State: กาฬสินธุ์ • 
Country: Thailand 

Mr Buchanan it is always a pleasure. When reading your columns, I am always left with a chuckle when you make some obscure reference to the "Punic Wars" or some such. It mostly reminds me that seldom do you do much without a twinkle in the corner of your Irish eyes. We appreciate it!!

Private Ryan

May 10, 2016 by Dan Rivera
City: St.Paul • 
State: Minnesota • 
Country: Usa 

You are right on with column on private Ryan thank you so much keep up the good work p.s here\'s one Mexican- American 71 years old independent voter voting for the Donald.

McLaughlin Group

May 09, 2016 by Scott Everson
City: Portland • 
State: Oregon • 
Country: USA 

You could not have been more correct about Trump, for so many months now. How can #41 + not support him? By not supporting Trump, one is supporting putting Bill Clinton back in the White House. How can someone consider himself or herself a Republican while supporting putting Bill Clinton back in the White House? It doesn't taste good to me.

"If God is Dead..."

May 09, 2016 by christina bromley
City: Billerica • 
State: MA • 
Country: USA 

Your article \"If God is Dead...\" is so spot on. I don\'t know how anyone could better express the profound truth of what you have said, that without religion here in the West, Christianity predominately, we have lost our culture and thus our civilization is dying. The secularism we now are swallowing has allowed for anything and everything, so utterly true and nauseating,, and so we now have an administration bent on total destruction of the US supported by the so-called conservatives. Yet why are the electorate not screaming in the streets? Because they are hypnotized by the filth that passes for \"American culture.\" And Putin, as you so correctly stated, realizes this and is reestablishing the Christian orthodoxy in Russia. I am not dismayed and I haven\'t given up on America because, strangely enough, I believe Trump will prevail.... Thank you for your astute and superior articles. You are a great pleasure to read and listen to.


You're the man!

May 07, 2016 by Vince
City: Petaluma • 
State: Ca. • 
Country: USA 

Love to see you as part of Donald Trumps cabinet if elected to the presidency.

Your Next Book?

May 07, 2016 by GOP District Leader
City: New York • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, I can't wait to read your next book. Hopefully, it will be about the political revolution taking place right now. As has been stated, it is (or seems to be) the reclaiming of the Conservative label by grass-roots and street-level Americans. Pray we are not being fooled again. Pray, too, that the Democrats get overtaken by common sense, patriotic, level-headed Americans. God bless you, Pat. Your books are prescient.


May 07, 2016 by Jerry Cave
City: Potomac • 
State: Maryland • 
Country: United States 

America is finally heeding your message. I only hope it is not too late. I have followed your writings since I first met you when I worked with you at WRC radio.

GOP many not supporting Trump

May 06, 2016 by Eugene Douglass
City: Red Springs • 
State: NC • 
Country: USA 

I just wanted to mention, that if there was a ground swell and if you had won Republican nomination in 1996 or 2012, I have a hunch the establishment Republicans would have treated you the same way they are treating Trump now. Trump followed all the rules, played the game better than all, and is clearly going to win the nomination. This is what makes me furious, if establishment Republicans will not support the nominee who wins it fair and square following the rules, they should leave the party, as in my book real conservatives play by the rules.

NPR Listener

May 05, 2016 by Lyn
City: San Jose • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

I heard you on NPR this morning. I am not a Republican. In fact, I\'m a Bernie Sanders supporter. But I found myself agreeing with your comments on foreign policy and trade. It is true that many homes in CA are non-English speaking. I believe they will eventually assimilate. The reason I write you is to say I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. Didn\'t in 2008 and won\'t now. I voted for Bill in 1992 but not 96. They are both pathological liars and criminals.

So who do I vote for if Bernie isn\'t my party\'s nominee? I was secretly thinking of Trump. You made a good argument for him on NPR.

NPR Interview

May 05, 2016 by Peggy Pearson
City: Roanoke • 
State: VA • 
Country: USA 

Great interview on NPR this morning! You stood your ground. Common sense prevails!

A Republic, Not an Empire

May 05, 2016 by Robert Duncan
City: Thousand Oaks • 
State: California • 
Country: USA 

This was your best book, of many. The current Trump victory supports your economic nationalism. You\'re a national treasure. Thank you!


May 05, 2016 by Joseph McRoerts
City: Winter Springs • 
State: Fla. • 
Country: U.S. 

On Russia. Right on Pat. I spent a year as an artillery forward observer and Liaison Officer with the 3rd Inf. Div. in 1952. Best thing that ever happened to me --- met my wife of 56 years at POE on way to Korea who was in San Francisco sent by father to learn English (his dime).

I smell neocons in this war-mongering. Make them fight the next war? No? They will hold your coats. You fight their wars. Had five brothers in WWII. Never again!


May 04, 2016 by Kevin Farmer
City: Sapulpa • 
State: Ok • 
Country: USA 

Please accept VP slot with Donald Trump. It would be a great ticket for America First.

Pat how sad we never saw your Presidency

May 03, 2016 by Alex Aliksanyan
City: New York • 
State: NY • 
Country: United States 

Pat, week after week I read your sensible, logical, extraordinarily intelligent analysis of the world and our political arena. At the end of your articles I am sometimes saddened that this country will never see leadership from one like you...

Sadly the detested neocons came to power riding the coats of Clinton and Bush. You are a visionary my friend, and the only one with the courage to speak of truth no matter what the powers not bestow on you.

Thank you for letting your voice be heard!

A prophet

Apr 30, 2016 by James Russells
City: Berkeley • 
State: CA • 
Country: America 

You were always presented in the popular narrative as a "racist" or "paleoconservative" - something outlandish, dangerous, outdated. Yet as I read your past writing and arguments, it seems that the media representation of you was a lie. In almost every particular you have been prophetic. You should view the 2016 Presidential election as a total vindication. Thank you for standing up for what you knew was right - especially when they were unpopular. History will look on you favorably - assuming that Western Civilization survives...

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1233 1233 Note that our allie Japan has been building shoals in the Philippine Sea since 1987 (Washington Post, May 20). Why no objection from the U.S.? Why the double standard?