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The Sea Island Conspiracy

Mar 15, 2016 by Thomas Long
City: Lumberton • 
State: NJ • 
Country: United States 

The last time a group of Elites met at a Georgia Island (Jekyll) we ended up with the Federal Reserve and the rape of our paychecks.. Now, even frugal families can't make it on two incomes. What's next, put the children to work too? I don't know what kind of President Trump would be but I know what we'll get from the rest....nothing but more of the same.

Sea Island Conference

Mar 15, 2016 by Rob Lawrence
City: McCook Lake • 
State: SD • 
Country: USA 

Great column on the Sea Island secret meeting of the conservative elite. I grew up there in the Golden Isles and there have been several of them, such as one at Jekyll Island where the Federal Reserve was hatched. Your are spot on with all of your columns. Thanks for being here. Regards, Rob Lawrence, McCook Lake, South Dakota

Sea Island

Mar 13, 2016 by Criss STILLWAGON
State: Georgia • 
Country: United States 

Great article as a resident here wondered about all the jets at our small airport. Your article missed one guest though...The Dahli Lama was here to speak to the group.


Mar 12, 2016 by robert schenker
City: Palmer • 
State: Alaska • 
Country: Usa 

Thank you again Pat for another well written article. Like many registered Republicans I have been profoundly disappointed by the results of the last several election cycles accordingly after much thought and consideration I have decided to support Trump. I supported you in your run for office back in '96 for many of the same reasons. I met you in Juneau Alaska during your whistle stop there. I must say that you left quite an impression on me and my loving wife! A very considerate thoughtful and dare I say loving man? Not the fire brand persona one is given to expect. You sir are a national treasure.

CRUZ was at Sea Island

Mar 11, 2016 by Dave Cressman
City: Highlands Ranch • 
State: Colorado • 
Country: United States 

Why was Cruz at Sea Island? Ask him. How about Tom Cotton?

Protectionism no longer a bad word

Mar 11, 2016 by Alan DeNiro
City: Tucson • 
State: ARIZONA • 
Country: United States 

Mr. Buchanan,

I read your book "Where the Right Went Wrong" long ago. Since then, I've always wondered why "protectionism" was a bad word. It just made sense that we take care of ourselves first. Now you're vindicated. I'm happy for you, and happy that your warning is now being taken seriously. I'm happy to live in a world that makes more sense than it did before.

15 handicapper

Mar 11, 2016 by Bob
City: Fairport • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

What if Mr. Trump indicated that perhaps it is time for our country to be led by a someone other than a person with a law degree? Most presidents in the last 40 years were lawyers. How has that worked for us?


Mar 11, 2016 by Kurt Simmons
City: Carslbad • 
State: NM • 
Country: USA 

Excellent material on Trump and the establishment oligarchy in panic! Not since Ross Perot have we witnessed such mass hysteria. The establishment is completely frightened of losing control and actually electing someone out of the CFR club. Tremendous! Thanks and keep up the good work!

New Reader

Mar 10, 2016 by Eric Rich
City: Knights Landing • 
State: California • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan,
Having heard you a few times on Hannity, I decided to come to your site to get to know you better. I am excited to see how right you have been about so many things in the past. You were a wonderful opportunity for America that was missed. I am glad you are keeping at it though. We are awake and listening.

Why Liberal Media Hate Trump

Mar 09, 2016 by Paul Samuelson
City: Richfield • 
State: MN • 
Country: USA 

God bless you for all the time, dedication and thought you have put into this article and your all your life's work. You love this country and it shows. As Americans we are lucky to have lived during your time. It's nice and refreshing to see someone who has been involved in politics, political office and the media, but yet cares more about this country than you care about yourself.


Mar 08, 2016 by Eugene Goldsmith
City: Ferndale • 
State: Washington • 
Country: United States 

When you state that 116 State Department officials oppose Trump. That is the good news because in my 75 years, I have never seen our State Department on the side of America, and this goes back to Jefferson\'s Presidency when State sold out the Marines against the Barbary Pirates and we had to fight that war again. Now we see the same in the Middle East.

Will the Oligarchs Kill Trump?

Mar 08, 2016 by michael humphreys
City: Aberdeen • 
State: Maryland • 
Country: United States 

Pat, I supported you back in the day when you were a candidate then you were destroyed, very much like what is playing out in the media this month regarding the Donald. I hope he makes it. Loved your article .........Will the Oligarchs Kill Trump?

From an unlikely fan

Mar 07, 2016 by Matthew Helmi
City: East Brunswick • 
State: NJ • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan, I gotta say, I really respect your analysis. I\'m a Coptic American and a proud leftist, but I find your blog invaluable in terms of understanding internal dynamics and intentions on the American right. Too many on the \"new\" left and the center right don\'t seem to understand the difference between populist nationalism and fascism, and that represents a major analytical failure no matter what your political goals are. Additionally, too many opponents of nationalism don\'t seem to understand the difference between closed (purely ethnic and religious) nationalism and open nationalism (like most brands of American nationalism). By humanizing that distinction you\'ve made it much easier for me to find common ground with many in the anti-establishment right and in the right generally. No matter the reason, if you want to see a vibrant America that is part of a global community of nations working for their national and global well-being, and not an empire, I think that reading your work is a must.

Thanks for your honestly, care for historical accuracy, appreciation for nuance and particular truths, and most of all your civility.


Mar 07, 2016 by ven parameswaran
City: Scarsdale • 
State: New York • 
Country: USA 

I have followed you for many years, esp. on John McLaughlin show. I admire your intellectual honesty and political skills. You are a man with long term vision. No wonder President Reagan hired you. You should be the V.P. for Trump. Hope Trump is reading some of your articles.

Fill'er UP!

Mar 06, 2016 by Joseph Nieroski
City: Lake Forest • 
State: CA • 
Country: United States 

It's enema time for the GOP. RINO's versus Republicans. If enough Republican voters can force the RINO's out of the party and out of their positions in office, the GOP can prevail with restoring our nation's heritage and culture.

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1168 1168 Mr. Buchanan,Thank you so very much for continuing to keep us informed. Your work is the best available, and I highly recommend it to others.