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Pat, Where are you?

Aug 12, 2016 by John
City: Tampa • 
State: FL • 
Country: USA 

Pat, where are you? Other than this blog and your newspaper articles, why aren't you a bigger presence in a political scene that clearly has its roots in your thinking from 15 years ago? We need you. How can you get more visibility for your ideas? How can we help you? Please.


Aug 11, 2016 by Diane Lasek
City: Decatur • 
State: GA • 
Country: USA 

A lefty Liberal my whole Life - until this year. Like millions of Amercans, a lot of people outside of the mainstream media have opened my eyes - I just read -Who Got us into these Endless Wars - I have to say it's a great article it is. You nailed our problems in so many ways!! Thank you so much!!

Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars?

Aug 10, 2016 by Ron Chandler
City: Milford • 
State: Queensland • 
Country: Australia 

I commend your article. However, Syria\'s trouble never stemmed from \'rebels\'. The murderers were foreign, from Day One, armed, sent and directed by CIA and MI6 spies in Incirlik, Turkey. That base is now surrounded by cranky Turks -- but it is likely still operating. This war was planned minutely in the Brookings Institution and set out in the report, \'Which Paths To Persia?\' in 2007, written by Martin Indyk, a Zionist neocon.

Was Charlton Heston one of God's Prophets for real?

Aug 05, 2016 by Clarence Spangle
City: Carmel • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

While reading "The Sea Island Conspiracy," I kept envisioning Charlton Heston at the end of "Planet of the Apes" falling off his horse and pounding the ground cursing in front of that half buried gift from France...


Aug 03, 2016 by JOHN
Country: UK 

Thank you Pat!
Your arguments on trade and immigration are the best I\'ve found! Keep it up! God Bless brother!

Mr. Buchanan

Aug 03, 2016 by George Faraco
City: Saratoga • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat: You write great articles!

Mr. Buchanan

Jul 31, 2016 by George Faraco
City: Saratoga • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat:
I very much like your articles!
Sincerely, from an 89 year old admirer.

Presidential Assasinations

Jul 29, 2016 by Joseph Donahue
City: Waukesha • 
State: WI • 
Country: USA 

Mr. Buchanan:

I respect your studied due diligence of history and was wondering if you could share any insight on similarities between
our four murdered Presidents.

Request an article

Jul 28, 2016 by Robert easley
City: Austin • 
State: Texas • 
Country: USA 

Hi pat, I get so tired of not only revisionist history - but revisionist current reality from President Obama and Hillary and the DNC.

Do you think you could consider writing an article that exposes the politics of lies and deceit where there is no shame that our highest leaders attempt to mislead us ? I am even afraid that there are now partisan fact check sites where the democrats (maybe the republicans too, I'm not sure) quote fact checks sites that corroborate their untruths (Yes, i mean their lies). Thank you for anything that you can do to expose this.

Kentucky Teacher

Jul 28, 2016 by John Brown
City: Flatwoods • 
State: Kentucky • 
Country: US 

Mr. Buchanan, I have intended to write for some time. I love your books, I use them for my own personal study, and your columns in my classroom. I have appreciated you for years, and pray many more years service for you. Thanks for everything.


Jul 23, 2016 by Arnold Harris
City: Mount Horeb • 
State: Wisconsin • 
Country: USA 

You are the only news commentator whose work I read every day. As an 82-year-old veteran of the US Army during and after the Korean War, I have watched the greatness of the American nation and the United States of America get watered down year by year through the societal rot of liberal political correctness. My wife and I have supported Trump since early last summer. We would have done so even if Hilary Clinton were not to be his opponent. Stay in good health, so that your family, ours, and the rest of the real America may witness the beginning of a great regeneraton.

Thank You

Jul 23, 2016 by Ed Shaw
City: Lehigh Acres • 
State: Fl • 
Country: USA 

Thank you for staying the coarse. You are winning the debate.


Jul 22, 2016 by Pat O'Brien
City: West Brookfield • 
State: MA • 
Country: USA 

When Pat Buchanan ran for Prez, I was a dopey 20-something who derided his talk of \"Culture War\".
Boy was I stupid and uninformed.
Pat, our country really missed the boat by not electing You; My sincere regrets.


Jul 22, 2016 by Carol A. Porter
City: Raleigh • 
State: North Carolina • 
Country: USA 

You have long been one of my great heroes! I was with my father, Tom Anderson at the Cow Palace when Goldwater was nominated in 1964 and have been a conservative activist ever since. Just sent a post to Facebook re your latest column. Will not continue to support Cruz. Thank you for all you have done!

Ted Cruz and the Trump Takeover

Jul 22, 2016 by Peter Doyle
City: Los Angeles • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

A very insightful and well written post, one of your best

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1324 1324 Pat,You are absolutely spot on with it being not over but I believe Yogi stated until the Fat Lady sings. That said, I do think that Trump is facing a very tough battle but not th