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Why is North Korea Our Problem?

Jan 08, 2016 by Jeff Hilsgen
City: Fort Lauderdale • 
State: Florida • 
Country: United States 

Hi Pat.
It's bad enough that we still have 25,000 U.S. troops in South Korea 60 years after the war ended, but I wish you could visit the South Korean national war museum in Seoul. It describes how the "UN Navy" and "UN Air Force" helped to save South Korea from the North Korean and Chinese armies. The museum barely mentions the enormous U.S. sacrifices in blood and treasure to save South Korea. It's shameful, and we need to pull ALL of our combat forces off the Korean Peninsula as soon as possible.

As you said, we should let the wealthier, more numerous and well-armed South Koreans deal with their brothers to the North.

My Regards

Jan 03, 2016 by Brian Smith
City: Ballston Spa • 
State: NY • 
Country: United States 

Mr. Buchanan,
I was fortunate to shake your hand a couple of years back at the liberal bookshop in Washington - Politics and Prose. It was, and still, is the most endearing and important point of my life.

To this day, I watch the 1992 speech at the Republican convention. I voted for you every chance I had. I read your columns and books, and take them to heart. There is no greater American than you, I believe in all sincerity.

As our Nation falls, as our people turn from God, you stand and speak the truth.

May God bless you with good health. And may God find some reason to bless this country now.

Books & Columns

Jan 01, 2016 by Alan L. Gallagher
City: Canby • 
State: Oregon • 
Country: USA 

I am a long-time admirer of your books and columns, and simply thank you. It helps with the Irish and Catholic background which, as I say, tends to inoculate people against Marxism/Communism, in part because we grew up among refuges from the Captive Nations of Eastern Europe.

Happy New Year!

Jan 01, 2016 by Bud Tillery
State: Florida • 
Country: United States 

You continue to be almost the ONLY voice of reason and common sense, Pat. HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep yourself well and happy in 2016. We need you.


Dec 30, 2015 by Ronda
State: IN - Indiana • 
Country: US 

Pat we need a spiritual leader to speak out through major media to preserve and restore Christianity in this country.

Is the West Disintegrating?

Dec 30, 2015 by Derek Mancinho
City: Laramie • 
State: WY • 
Country: USA 

Is the West Disintegrating? Read this article in our local paper The Boomerang. Excellent! I've had these same thoughts for months now but you put it out there for the world to see! Keep up the good work!!

What happened to Arnold Toynbee?

Dec 29, 2015 by Keith Harbaugh
City: Arlington • 
State: Virginia • 
Country: USA 

Dear Mr. Buchanan, Your background is in history. As you know, Arnold J. Toynbee was the most distinguished historian of the mid-20th century, yet now he seems totally ignored. It seems to me his insights into civilizations would be of value today. Do you agree, and do you have any opinion on why he now is so ignored? (My own answer: because he compared the Israelis to Nazis in his book, Reconsiderations.)

Trump - Cruz #1 Advisor Buchanan

Dec 27, 2015 by Matt B
City: Woodbury • 
State: MN • 
Country: USA 

There isn't a more consistently correct and principled voice in the Republican party, than Mr. Buchanan. He should teach a boot camp to the nominees on history, American civics and strategic thinking. Go Trump or Cruz for 2016!


Dec 24, 2015 by John Shaver
City: La quinta • 
State: Ca • 
Country: USA 

Pat - great column and one that shows that you certainly have your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the country. Seems like you are the only one in Washington who has a clue. Keep on writing (and talking)

Hitler ,Churchill and the Unecessary wars

Dec 24, 2015 by Peter Johnson
City: Oxford • 
State: Oxfordshire • 
Country: The United Kingdom 

Mr Buchanan,

I came across your book whilst working in Chicago, I was astounded to read a fully researched account of this period. For years since studying for a BA (Hons)degree in history at Oxford I have suspected the history we are routinely taught was flawed. My late Father, also hinted often at such a different situation as you describe, but in the 60's 70's and 80's "the Cult of Churchill" reigned supreme and any criticism of Bungling Bob", as he was nicknamed at Harrow, was not possible anywhere in Europe. Even today it is a quick way to lose friends in the pub.
Your concise accounts of the incompatibility of the Muslim faith and a post Christian society reflect what many of us in the Uk have been thinking. An impossible subject to discuss in our "multi cultural society" Thankyou for your work and Ill finish with this one thought. All western politicians must read the Quaran, all of it, as for my pains I have twice. Once as a young man travelling through West Pakistan while having all of my left wing student thoughts on immigration completely shattered and recently in my mid 60's wondering if my memory could be playing tricks.
Nope, it wasn't.
Thank you again Sir for your work.

Peter Johnson

Keep Up the Good Work

Dec 23, 2015 by William Burke
City: Webster • 
State: Massachusetts • 
Country: United States 

I have been following you in print and in the media for over thirty years and wish that I could vote for you for president again in 2016.

I dont always agree..but

Dec 21, 2015 by kevin nicholson
City: Mt penn • 
State: Pa • 
Country: Usa 

Im not always a fan of you in domestic policy.
Im probably a one of the bleeding heart liberals you rail against.,
but when it comes to foreign policy and history your a genius.
I would love to sit and drink Guinness with you one evening and hear what you have to say.
What a privilege that would be.
\'With Kind Thoughts,
Kevin Nicholson

America first or WWIII?

Dec 20, 2015 by Mike Bronstein
City: Boulder • 
State: CO • 
Country: USA 

Pat, You write a great column. Keep up the good work! I live in Boulder, CO, you know the place that's a liberal enclave! But Boulder is truly great. Come visit. I'll personally show you around. I've lived here 55 years! Mike


Dec 19, 2015 by Paul Ditzel
City: Bradenton • 
State: FL • 
Country: United States 

Dear Pat,
Didn\'t the White House staff person thank Rubio a couple of days ago for writing Immigration language for the just aproved omnibus bill. It seems like Marco is still at it.

The McLaughlin Group

Dec 19, 2015 by Jim
City: Laramie • 
State: WY • 
Country: USA 

I'm a hard core left wing Democrat, but I LOVE your comments on The McLaughlin Group. Most of the time I don't agree, but you always make great remarks that make me stop and think. Thanks from snowy, windy Wyoming.

America First .. or WW III ?

Dec 19, 2015 by Richard Avard
City: Irvine • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Pat, you are in perfect sync with Lydon LaRouche who has been warning America about the Neo-Cons and the Wall Street/Central Banker cabal for decades. Keep up the good work. Note to Linda: Will sent you a check in a couple days as I hope many of your readers will. Keep up the excellent work.

Cheap Seat Warmongers

Dec 19, 2015 by Pierre Ardans
City: Longmont • 
State: Colorado • 
Country: USA 

Thanks for your insights, Pat. The group-wank of the current crop of presidential wantabees, who, in their ignorance and contempt for the American guy-in-the-street is eye-watering, to say the least. Compare those morons with Putin, who faced a crowd of 1300 journalists and answered every one of their questions in depth for over three hours. Not a happy comparison for Americans.

An Establishment Unhinged

Dec 16, 2015 by Mary Kernan Hummel
City: Canton • 
State: GA • 
Country: USA 

Patrick you are always spot on. Haven't lost your ability to give us the true facts. Always enjoy your columns.

An Interesting Writer

Dec 13, 2015 by I.P. Nitely
City: Montgomery • 
State: Alabama • 
Country: United States 

You should send your columns to papers!

An Establishment Unhinged

Dec 11, 2015 by richard avard
City: Newport Beach • 
State: CA • 
Country: USA 

Right on Target Again! Pat, you are an invalubable source of historical facts that confirms all your criticism of present American leadership and the recommendations that follow, either declared directly or inferred via your famous \"Questions to the People\" , of what should be done to fix present US Political/Economic problems. How many decades have you been callilng for a moratorium on ALL immigration until all problems (assimilation being the biggy) regarding Immigrants have been sorted out?
Keep going Pat !!!! We love you, guy !!

Mind of Putin

Dec 11, 2015 by ALFRED J HOCKLEY III
State: TX • 
Country: United States 

Pat you seem to be right on with presenting Mr. Putin\'s way of thinking. He seems to know how to come down hard on terrorists in Russia. But don\'t you think that if the King of Saudi Arabia (the home of Mecca and our friend?) and its grand Mufti would say a few kind words about Christianity, it would pull the rug out from under much of the terrorsists way of thinking.

Historical Perspective

Dec 11, 2015 by Charles Platt
City: Flagstaff • 
State: AZ • 
Country: USA 

Few columnists bring historical perspective to an issue. They simply voice an opinion. The Buchanan perspective is much appreciated.


Dec 09, 2015 by James Lord
City: Euless • 
State: TX • 
Country: USA 

Pat, I have been pulled to the right over the last 15 years by thoughtful conservatives, of which you are the vanguard. I thank you for the courage you've shown in challenging liberal dogmas for so long. I'll reveal that for me, the most effective weapon in your rhetorical arsenal has been your occasional willingness to say a sincere, kind word about your ideological opponents. There are too few gentlemen like you in our world today.

Appearance on Neil Covuto

Dec 08, 2015 by Peter Murphy
City: Troy • 
State: New York • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat,
I always enjoy watching your appearances on tv and agree with you on immigration. But you\'re missing the point on Cavuto and Obama not going to the border: He WANTS the illegals pouring in! It\'s deliberate on his part. He\'s not interested in stopping it. He\'s all about remaking the country; its payback to America by making us a 3rd World dumping ground.

Death of the West

Dec 08, 2015 by Bill
City: Moberly • 
State: MO • 
Country: U.S. 

I read 'Death of the West' several years ago when it first came out. How prophetic! I can't wait to re-read it in light of current developments.

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1099 1099 Hi Pat.It's bad enough that we still have 25,000 U.S. troops in South Korea 60 years after the war ended, but I wish you could visit the South Korean national war museum in Seoul