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From a big fan!

Nov 23, 2015 by Mike
City: Cardston • 
State: AB • 
Country: Canada 

Hi Pat. I have been a big fan for a long time and enjoy reading your thoughts and articles. Keep up the great work and the fight for so great a cause. All the best Good Sir.


Nov 22, 2015 by Gary Sheridan
City: Seattle • 
State: WA • 
Country: USA 

Dissappointed no comment on Pollard release on McLaughlin Group this week. I look forward to your take on this subject.

Insanity at the U.

Nov 21, 2015 by Brad Krones
City: New Port Richey • 
State: FL • 
Country: USA 

While at Arizona State in the mid '90s I was pleased to hear that you had been invited to speak. Then, the sudden cancellation because they said you were "too controversial" and they were worried about potential security issues. Two weeks later they brought in a "moderate" to speak instead of the nasty Buchanan, and Mr. Louis Farrakhan of Chicago was received with rapturous applause.

The Imfamous DIINV/IA

Nov 20, 2015 by Stanford Redisch
City: Long Beach • 
State: California • 
Country: USA 

I have a copy of the Pat Buchannan for President Rally Song! When Music Rendevous with Stanford Redisch was on the air, it was played among the jazz music! This during the campaign! People got a big kick out of it! Where can I send a CD of the broadcast?

Response: We would love to have a copy! See address on Note to Pat/Contact Page. Thanks!


Nov 17, 2015 by RDNY
City: New York • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

Pat, it is always a pleasure reading your columns. Whenever I read or hear the gaggle of dopey essence coming from Republican candidates (forget about the insanity of the Dems, with a rare exception), reading this site returns common sense to the debate. Thank you.


Nov 17, 2015 by David Lanham
City: Hattiesburg • 
State: MS • 
Country: U.S.A. 

History shows again and again, how Nature points up the folly of men. Godzilla.


Nov 14, 2015 by Joshua Cain
City: Rincon • 
State: Georgia • 
Country: USA 

In light of the attacks on Paris, and your numerous articles on the deluge of refugees into Europe, and the nationalism that has bubbled up as a result, I am really looking forward to what you have to say about this.

Looking forward to reading your next column.

General Comment

Nov 13, 2015 by scott swanke
City: Rockville • 
State: Md • 
Country: Usa 

The McLaughlin Group was viewed from the kitchen table in the 70\'s when I started high school - Mr Buchanan I have trusted your wisdom ever since. Thank you for sharing your insights and demonstrating how to write effectively.

Keep up the good work!

Nov 10, 2015 by Mike Bronstein
City: Boulder • 
State: CO • 
Country: USA 

Like your columns a whole bunch. I live in Boulder, Co. You know what that means. Yes, it is a liberal enclave. But although Shang Ri La does not exist, Boulder is the closest thing to it. You should come for a visit. I'll show you around. Mike

It's our Power to take

Nov 09, 2015 by max claymore
City: Woodland hills • 
State: Ca • 
Country: Usa 

I'm proud to tell people, that I am honored to have cast votes for Mr. Buchanan three times here in California.

Do These United States Need a Cause

Oct 23, 2015 by Vincent castigliola
City: Pascagoula • 
State: Mississippi • 
Country: Usa 

Those in positions of power need "causes" to build and maintain authority and influence. Individuals seek meaning and hopefully look to something higher than earthly authority. Should these United States need causes to perform its role as agreed under the Constitution?
Thanks for your excellent work.


Oct 16, 2015 by Dave Hanson
City: Sacramento • 
State: Ca. • 
Country: USA 

After reading several of your books, I am of the opinion that you should be President, no offense intended. I am a true Conservative from the days of Goldwater, but the current description of conservative includes total support of Israel. Consequently, I no longer fit the mold. What to do?

Whats next?

Oct 13, 2015 by richard f avard
City: Orange Park • 
State: Florida • 
Country: United States 

Pat has summed up the present political situation more succinctly and accurately, as only Pat can do, than all the other currant political observers. In my never to be humble opinion, I predict if Trump and/or Carson is/are nominated as the Republican presidential candidate for Presidency or Pres//VP slate there will be a last resort massive Liberal Media Brainwashing Barrage attempt to slander these gentlemen which will make the notorious slandering campaign against Goldwater in 1964 look like child\'s play .... But there is a fly in the ointment. Not only is the electorate now wise to the PC non-sense and the slanderous \"extreme right wing\" labeling of Traditional Conservatives but these two candidates are really slander proof. Their views have already been validated as the voice of the People ie their top spots in the polls, Its going to be a different game in 2016. I predict any attempted liberal sponsored slandering will backfire the likes of which has never been seen in America heretofore. To try to destroy these two gentlemen will be like trying to outlaw Sex. Only God knows what is going to happen. Stay tuned for the American Political Campaign Circus of the millennium !

Pat, my only regret is

Oct 12, 2015 by Norman Elliott
City: Old Town • 
State: Fl • 
Country: USA 

That we were never able to elect you President for life. Just think, no Iraq war 1 = no 9/11. No Iraq war II = no disastrous aftermath. Heck, go back to 1914. No US entry into WWI = no WWII and no holocaust. Israel?

The Best

Oct 12, 2015 by Ned Jacobs
City: Christiansted • 
State: U.S. Virgin Islands • 
Country: US 

Pat, I read your columns in The Wanderer. You are the best of the best. Many thanks for your continued thinking, praying, and bold, courageous telling it like it is. Depending on the cost, I would like to pay our local newspaper to subscribe to your column for printing in the newspaper, which is The St. Croix Avis of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

All Articles

Oct 12, 2015 by Jacob Philip
City: Potomac • 
State: MD - MARYLAND • 
Country: Usa 

I was absolutely astounded by the fantsatic analysis and views in your articles, particularly those on froeign affairs. Gr8 job. Although I am not a supporter of some of your positions, your views on foreign and social is right on. keep up the good work.


The Allure of Mass Shootings

Oct 12, 2015 by Christopher R. Benton3
City: La Puente • 
State: CA • 
Country: United States 

The Allure of Mass Murder;
Sir, thanks for the article. You mentioned the psychiatric drug issue and I totally agree with you. A lot of data exists to back this up.
BTW, I really liked your Mind of Putin article thanks again!

Mind of Putin

Oct 09, 2015 by Mary Odom
City: Cincinnati • 
State: Ohio • 
Country: USA 

You are right on the money. I enjoy reading your articles of clear reasoning and steady confidence. It\'s the calm in this storm, the light in the harbour leading me to the truth.

I, we the Brigade were right. Pat should have been president.

War Party Targets Putin and Assad

Oct 09, 2015 by Rob
City: Vero Beach • 
State: FL • 
Country: USA 

To hear John McCain speak, Assad is more evil then evil itself and must be destroyed. But wait, when and where did Assad become our enemy. Was it his attack on our fleet in Mediterranean? No, that didn’t happen. Maybe it was the destruction of our embassy in Damascus? No wait, that didn’t happen either. It must be something, otherwise we would not be supporting Syrian opposition forces that want to overthrow him and risk a war with Russia. One could understand Putin, Assad’s ally, he should be supporting him. He has Russian Sea Bases in Syria to protect.

Us well… Don’t know. Wait could it be that Assad hates Israel, and has a standing army? Hold On! Mr. Watson, we may be on to something. Hell didn’t Saddam Hussein hate Israel and also had a standing army and we destroyed him. Oh wait again, how about Omar Khadafy, did he not have a standing army, hated Israel, and we destroyed him. What of Iran? Let not their fate be undecided... it appears John McCain first needs to abolish the treaty that the 6 nations signed with Iran, then since they also have a standing Army, hate Israel, and according to John’s owner\'s dictated plan, they too must be destroyed. Mr. Watson, there seems to be some kind of pattern to Professor Moriarty’s, read McCain’s, mad behavior. Yes Sherlock, there certainly does. Don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think there are reasons here that warrant us risking a war with Russia. Maybe instead we should re-think our relationship with Israel, they still should be our friends but they must find their own way, to solve their own problems, and not have their problems be our problems.

The Death of the West

Oct 09, 2015 by Edward Schilling
City: London • 
State: London • 
Country: UK 

Our fears are widely shared, and yet Europeans continue to elect gauchiste-progressive governments.

Death of the West

Oct 07, 2015 by John Clay Price
City: Florence • 
State: Wisconsin • 
Country: America 

Pat I am re-reading it after 12 years and find it to be the most prescient work ever. This work should be the Bible to all conservative, Americans who still believe there is something to save in our culture and language. God bless, keep up the rate of fire. Jcp

Listen and Learn

Oct 04, 2015 by Frank D. Lach Sr.
City: Tucson • 
State: Az. • 
Country: USA 

Just to say thank you for your post about Putin. I found your thoughts to be right on! It is not our responsibility to tell other people what to think it best to listen and learn. Thank you again Pat

Gun Control

Oct 04, 2015 by Anne Thompson
City: Westfield • 
State: Massachussetts • 
Country: U S A 

Thank you, Mr Buchanan. I have been arguing for ages that the media has a lot to answer for. I can understand reporting the news but to do it over and over in every medium is ridiculous. As an 82 year old woman I have lived long enough to watch the changes in the behavior of humanity and it is frightening. We need a very strong president. One who is not afraid to make strong decisions no matter how unpopular.
I always watch you on the McLaughlin Report. It\'s a wonderful show.


Oct 03, 2015 by BARBARA COUSLAND
City: URBANA • 
State: ILLINOIS • 

Excellent analysis of Putin. If only the Neocons and Fox News would wake up. This constant trashing of Putin will lead to war.

Day of Reckoning

Oct 02, 2015 by Charles Taylor
City: Donalsonville • 
State: GA • 
Country: USA 

Have many of your books and have received a blessing from each one. Just completed \"Day of Reckoning\" last night. There was so much information that was new to me! It is so hard to believe that our country has departed so radically from what our founding fathers intended.

My question is, have we gone so far that we are without hope? Israel reached that point in their history. I believe that we can study the history and see that America is following in her footsteps. God had three charges against that nation listed by the prophet Ezekiel: bad priests, bad people, and bad princes (politicians). Wickedness along with greed rampant among all. They refused to repent and return to God. Due to this God said through the prophet that they had \"no hope.\" The Lord could not bless Israel due to their sins.

I sincerely believe that is where America is today. I wish that every believer in America could read your book! As a Believer and an American I sincerely thank you for being a Watchman on the wall. You are doing your part...

By the way, I supported you when you ran for president. Our country would be in better shape today if you had won. Thanks again, Pastor Charles Taylor Donalsonville, GA

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1064 1064 Hi Pat. I have been a big fan for a long time and enjoy reading your thoughts and articles. Keep up the great work and the fight for so great a cause. All the best Good Sir.
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