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Sep 01, 2016 by Sean
City: Henniker • 
State: NH • 
Country: USA 

I\'m sorry for the loss of your great friend. RIP.
Mr. Buchanan, please write more regarding the Vatican and the disaster it has become. Please call a spade a spade re Pope Francis, who is beginning to act more and more like a Soros puppet. Sad and dangerous.

Trump Will Win

Aug 31, 2016 by GOP DL
City: New • 
State: NY • 
Country: USA 

After more than a decade of studying the political landscape of presidential elections, his successful moves in the primaries and general, his ability to learn from (supposed) mistakes, combined with his toughness... Trump will win.

McLaughlin Group

Aug 29, 2016 by Mike Bubulj
City: Hamilton,Ontario • 
State: NY • 
Country: Canada 

It was a pleasure watching you and the late Mr.McLaughlin gather once a week and bring to light what ails the free world. I hope sir, that your voice will continue to resonate elsewhere.


Aug 29, 2016 by david van kavelaar
City: Wyoming • 
State: De • 
Country: Usa 

I'm preparing an op-ed piece stating Hillary is unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief based on her involvement in the Benghazi cover up. Cowardice and/or ignorance on military matters is a Clinton landmark. I remember one of Pat's essays back in the 90's where President Clinton was fuming over the fact that rescue troops were sent in to recover fallen Americans and he demanded to know why. Some staff member sheepishly cleared his throat and informed the President that the U.S. does not leave our wounded and dead behind. Could you inform me as to which essay and conflict those events pertained to? Thank you!


Aug 26, 2016 by Brenda
City: Gilbert • 
State: AZ • 
Country: USA 

Dear Pat,
I started watching The McLaughlin Group in 1992. I'm not sure how I first discovered it - maybe because if came on for a while on PBS right after Wall Street Week. I loved it from the beginning. It became a topic of e-mail banter between myself and my Uncle Chuck. It was how I started my weekends for many years - a cocktail and The McLaughlin Group. Thank you for the great eulogy.


Aug 25, 2016 by Scott Otto
City: Fort Dodge • 
State: Iowa • 
Country: USA 

Pat - keep writing! Your thoughtful, intelligent prose is a balm for one who has had quite enough of Washington, and their posturing.

John McLaughlin

Aug 25, 2016 by Jeff Price
City: Albany • 
State: KY • 
Country: USA 

Always enjoyed groundbreaking show style an content and truly, John M was the ring master. His presence and intellect will be sorely missed.

A Eulogy for John J McLaughlin

Aug 24, 2016 by Joe
City: Philadelphia • 
State: PA • 
Country: USA 

A beautiful tribute to John McLaughlin. May he rest in peace.

A Eulogy for John McLaughlin

Aug 24, 2016 by Larry Calloway
City: Indianapolis • 
State: Indiana • 
Country: US 

Thank you for printing this -As you indicated, it was so clear that the end was near, but he kept soldering on to the very end. I've watched the show as much as possible over the last 30 years, and I remember the original line-up well; Jack Germond, Robert Novak - the Prince of Darkness (no doubt), Mort Kondracke and you. You and John were my favorites. I started reading your work after seeing you on the show, and although I am a black man, I've been called a bigot and racist for just reading your books (I'm sure you understand). Anyway, John will be missed so much. I can't imagine another show like it that would keep me interested for 30+ years. Kudos to John and all of you for making the political world fun for us hilljacks of Pennsylvania.


Aug 23, 2016 by Glenn Brown
City: Evanston • 
State: Illinois • 
Country: Glennsbrown 1@gmail. com 

I don't always agree with you on political issues but, I would like to see the McLaughlin Group continue in some way, shape, or form. Can you develop a spin-off that maintains the spirit of the original program?

A Eulogy for John J. McLaughlin

Aug 23, 2016 by scott swanke
City: Rockville • 
State: Md • 
Country: USA 

Mr Buchanan, the gravity of loss I feel from the passing of your true friend Dr McLaughlin has affected my thoughts since I heard the news. Calling my 90 year old father - an Irishman everyday of his life, the bishops favorite alter boy at St Mary\'s in Cheyenne Wyoming in 1935 and devote FDR man, I reminisced about growing up watching the group after 9:30 mass at St Patrick\'s. Over the years our family of seven always stayed with the show. Conversations really started when the discussion turned to what the good Dr predicted, or attributed the true cause in question.

Speaking with my father Friday evening I asked if he would be interested in attending the requiem mass. He is 90 and thought maybe it would be too much and demurred - but called early Saturday and said let\'s go. On the way downtown we got to chatting about the meaning of life and before you know it wound up passing Gonzaga HS, turned the car around only to get tangled in traffic. At Charles Carroll Swanke s house growing up there were two things we always were early for: church and tee times.

We stopped on the way home for a hot fudge Sunday to discover that we could see the replay. I was crushed Mr Buchanan - for a man that had such a positive influence on so many, it seems to me I was not the only one to \'miss the turn\'. My father assured me that John would know that our intentions were good - I like to think they are cut from the same cloth. My mother and I hoped you would have been president.

Please know the love we had for the Group and the integral part it played in our lives.

God bless sir.
Respectfully, c scott swanke

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Aug 22, 2016 by Bob
City: New Haven • 
State: Connecticut • 
Country: USA 

You are absolutely spot on with it being not over but I believe Yogi stated until the Fat Lady sings. That said, I do think that Trump is facing a very tough battle but not the one with Hillary but the one with the Establishment. Trump’s problem, if you can call the revolution his problem, is he wants to get us out of the Middle East and work with Russia to rid ourselves of ISIS. Wow imagine working with Russia, a staunch ally of the establishment’s declared Talking Point “State Sponsor of Terrorism”. But unfortunately for them, even after day in and day out, 24/7, the same message being broadcast by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, and printed by The New York Times, The LA times, The Washington Post, and more, all stating that Trump is wrong and his potential policies of getting us out of the Middle East and stopping nation building cannot be allowed to happen, the American People disagree. Their revolutionary patriots still shout “Amen” to America First.


Aug 21, 2016 by S
City: Glen Carbon • 
State: IL • 
Country: USA 

Dear Mr. Buchanan,
I thought you gave a lovely eulogy for John McLauglin this afternoon. It was touching, heartfelt, amusing & sincere. It was a dignified funeral Mass not a celebrity YouTube. He contributed to millions. Thank you.


Aug 20, 2016 by Dorothy Parks
City: Palm Beach • 
State: Florida • 
Country: USA 

The McLaughlin Group was YOUR SHOW. Please
continue, in John's memory...but call it PAT'S GROUP.
Please, please make it happen!

The Show Must Go On!

Aug 19, 2016 by K Steven
City: Boca Raton • 
State: FL • 
Country: USA 

On your late, great colleague:
Prediction: He is welcomed by legions of Angelic Patriots and Philosopher Kings, many of whom are already angling for a seat at his celestial roundtable. Byyye-Byyyyye!

Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website , USA 4.7 5.0 1335 1335 I\'m sorry for the loss of your great friend. RIP.Mr. Buchanan, please write more regarding the Vatican and the disaster it has become. Please call a spade a spade re Pope Franc