NPR’s Overdue Execution

By Patrick J. Buchanan On June 30, 1972, two weeks after the Watergate burglars were taken into custody, Richard Nixon vetoed a congressional bill to double and treble federal funding for public broadcasting. Nixon’s stunning veto was sustained. Yet he had only “scotched the snake, not killed it,” in the words of MacBeth. Having escaped […]

Tea Party Tory

By Patrick J. Buchanan Before the Tea Party philosophy is ever even tested in America, it will have succeeded, or it will have failed, in Great Britain. For in David Cameron the Brits have a prime minister who can fairly be described as a Tea Party Tory. Casting aside the guidance of Lord Keynes — […]

Tribalism Returns to Europe

By Patrick J. Buchanan Is Europe’s adventure in international living about to end? At Potsdam, Germany, this weekend, Chancellor Angela Merkel told the young conservatives of her Christian Democratic Union that Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society where people “live side by side and enjoy each other” has “failed, utterly failed.” Backing up her […]

Europe’s Revolt of the Pampered

By Patrick J. Buchanan For the fourth day running, France has been crippled by strikes. Airlines are canceling flights. Travelers making their way to Paris from DeGaulle and Orly face long delays. Tourists are stranded. The Eiffel Tower was closed. Rail and subway traffic into the city has been curtailed. By shutting down refineries, French […]

Janet the Deporter

By Patrick J. Buchanan Is “Big Sis” one of us? Janet Napolitano, secretary of homeland security — Big Sis to regular readers of the Drudge Report — held a press conference last week that might cause critics to reconsider their views. Napolitano claims that in fiscal year 2010, ending Sept. 30, the Obama administration set […]

Food Stamp Nation

By Patrick J. Buchanan “The lessons of history … show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.” These searing words about Depression-era welfare are from […]

The Balkanization of Barack’s Party

By Patrick J. Buchanan After John McCain’s defeat, even amateur political analysts could see a trend ultimately fatal to the Republican Party. Ninety percent of McCain voters were white, and 90 percent Christian. But Christians have fallen to 75 percent of the population and are sinking, and white Americans have fallen to 66 percent of […]

Tea Party vs. War Party?

By Patrick J. Buchanan “We’re all on the same page until the polls close Nov. 2,” Richard Viguerie, the longtime conservative strategist who has allied with the Tea Party, told The New York Times. After that, “a massive, almost historic battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party begins.” Indeed, such a battle […]

The Message of Tokyo’s Kowtow

By Patrick J. Buchanan Hubris will do it ever time. The Chinese have just made a serious strategic blunder. They dropped the mask and showed their scowling face to Asia, exposing how the Middle Kingdom intends to deal with smaller powers, now that she is the largest military and economic force in Asia and second […]

Equality — or Freedom?

By Patrick J. Buchanan If you would understand why America has lost the dynamism she had in the 1950s and 1960s, consider the new Paycheck Fairness Act passed by the House 256 to 162. The need for such a law, writes Valerie Jarrett, the ranking woman in Barack Obama’s White House, is that “working women […]