Dr. Putnam’s Bunker-Buster

by Patrick J. Buchanan If you were looking for a truce in the immigration wars once the Bush-Kennedy amnesty went down to defeat, look again. Communities, cities, states are passing tough new laws to deal with the 12-20 million illegal aliens in our midst. Town likes Hazleton, Pa., and Farmers Branch, Texas, which sought to […]

Sub-Prime Superpower

by Patrick J. Buchanan There was a time when events like the collapse of that bridge over the Mississippi would have been taken in stride. Yes, it was a tragedy, a mature nation would have said, but like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and bolts of lighting hitting folks on picnic grounds, these are “acts of God.” […]

Onward Into Waziristan!

by Patrick J. Buchanan With Hillary Clinton’s lead growing, Barack Obama appears to be overreaching to keep the spotlight and highlight their differences. His suggestion that sex education begin in kindergarten seems a great leap forward even for a liberal Democrat. While Barack says it must be “age-appropriate” sex education, one need not be Roger […]