A Triumph for Traditionalists

by Patrick J. Buchanan Elevated to the papacy at 78, Benedict XVI will take no action greater in significance for the Catholic Church than his motu proprio declaring that the Latin Mass must be said in every diocese – on the request of the faithful. Dissenting bishops must comply. “What earlier generations held as sacred […]

How Scooter Skated

by Patrick J. Buchanan Why did Bush do it? Why did he suddenly barge into the legal process and erase the entire 30-month sentence of Scooter Libby? For, from his own statement, Bush found the act deeply distasteful. In that statement, Bush calls Libby’s crimes “serious convictions of perjury and obstruction of justice.” He praises […]

In Defeat, A Bush Opportunity

by Patrick J. Buchanan “I’ll see you at the bill signing,” said a cocky George W. Bush in Bulgaria, when he heard the Senate had just fallen 15 votes short of voting cloture on the Kennedy-Kyl immigration bill he had embraced. Bush returned home, went to the Hill and implored the Senate Republicans to resurrect […]