The Job Crisis and the GOP

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 10, 2004 President Bush and his advisers are puzzled and worried. Economic liftoff took place right on schedule in July when the tax cuts took effect. In the last six months of 2003, the economy blazed along on a growth path of 6 percent. But where are the jobs? […]

The Aggressors in the Culture Wars

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 8, 2004 “It became an emblematic moment. Patrick Buchanan standing before the Republican National Convention in August 1992, bluntly declaring that there was a ‘religious war’ and a ‘cultural war’ under way for the soul of the country. And that ‘Clinton and Clinton are on the other side’ with […]

Mel Gibson’s Triumph

By Patrick J. Buchanan On coming away from a first, full viewing of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” among the questions that came to mind was: What in heaven’s name was all the howling about? For the all-powerful impression this emotionally draining film leaves one with is that this is what the Son […]

Greenspan’s Grim Diagnosis

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 1, 2004 The job of the chairman of the Fed, it used to be said, was to take away the punch bowl just as the party got going good. Last week, Alan Greenspan did his duty. He told Congress Social Security benefits must be cut for the baby boomers, […]