The Defector

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 31, 2004 Both the ferocity of the White House attacks and his lionization by the liberal press testify: Richard Clarke has drawn blood. The former counter-terrorism chief seeks to dynamite the central pillar of the Bush presidency: that the president has bravely and brilliantly led us in the War […]

Israel’s Isolation … and Ours

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 29, 2004 “Israel has a right to defend itself,” said President Bush. And against whom was Israel defending itself at dawn on Monday? A half-blind and deaf paraplegic being wheeled out of a mosque after prayers, Sheik Ahmed Yassin was struck by missiles that blew him to pieces. In […]

America in 2050: Another Country

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 24, 2004 In 1960, when JFK defeated Nixon, America was a nation of 160 million, 90 percent white and 10 percent black, with a few million Hispanics and Asians sprinkled among us. We were one nation, one people. We worshipped the same God, spoke the same English language, studied […]

The Consequences of ‘Mr. Bush’s War’

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 22, 2004 A year has elapsed since President Bush ordered U.S. forces to invade Iraq. Since that March day, 2003, it has become clear as crystal: Operation Iraqi Freedom was an unnecessary war. Saddam had had no role in 9-11 or the anthrax attack, no plans to attack us […]

Terrorists – or Freedom Fighters?

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 17, 2004 Between 1971 and 1973, he was commander of the Derry Brigade of the Provisional IRA, which fought gun battles with British soldiers in a war that would cost 320 lives. Arrested in Donegal near a car loaded with 5,000 rounds of ammunition and 250 pounds of explosives, […]

Defining Kerry Downward

by Patrick J Buchanan – March 15, 2004 Will George W. Bush share the fate of his father and be turned out of office 18 months after having won a military triumph that vaulted him to 90 percent approval? So it seemed during the primaries, as almost a dozen Democratic candidates pummeled Bush daily for […]