Bush’s Headache… and Historic Opportunity

by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 14, 2003 It was no cakewalk. But no quagmire either. It was the most awesome display of military power in modern times. At the beginning of the war, Iraqi defenders far outnumbered the U.S. and British invasion force. Yet, from a rolling start, coalition forces took but three weeks […]

On to Damascus?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 9, 2003 Tony Blair has assured his countrymen the United States does not intend to attack Syria or Iran. Colin Powell has assured the Muslim world the United States does not intend to attack Syria or Iran. But did the British prime minister or U.S. secretary of state clear […]

What’s Next Mr. President?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – April 7, 2003 At this writing, there seem only two big questions left in the war on Iraq. Will Saddam’s regime in its death throes resort to chemical weapons? How long will it take, and how much blood will it cost, to take Baghdad? But after Baghdad falls, what next? […]

Dead Man Plotting

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 31, 2003 Eight days into the war, 27 Americans had died in combat, some from friendly fire. Yet, already, journalists were talking about America being caught in a quagmire like Vietnam. We pay a price for not teaching history to our children. In Vietnam, we averaged 150 dead a […]

The Poisoning of American Politics

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 17, 2003 “Moran Said Jews Are Pushing War,” ran the headline on page one. “Apology denies Anti-Semitism” ran the subhead on the story. Even a glance at that Washington Post, and one knew Jim Moran, bad boy Irish congressman from Alexandria – who has had more than his share […]

First and Last War of the Bush Doctrine?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – March 12, 2003 As that latter-day Wilsonian Bill Clinton launched his war on a Serbia that did not attack us, George W. Bush intends to launch a war on an Iraq that has never threatened or attacked the United States. Clinton bombed Serbia for 78 days for refusing his ultimatum […]