The Times’ Vendetta Against Augusta

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 9, 2002 Just as the Battle of Gettysburg was about far more than who would control the tiny Pennsylvania town, so the Battle of Augusta National Golf Club is taking on an importance far beyond the issue of whether the famed Georgia club admits women as members. The New […]

Harvard Embraces Bathhouse Values

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 4, 2002 What happened in 1920, wails Larry Summers, was “abhorrent and an affront to the values of our university. We are a better and more just community today because those attitudes have changed …” “In Harvard Papers, a Dark Corner of the College’s Past” is the headline the […]

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

by Patrick J. Buchanan – December 3, 2002 “I think Muhammad was a terrorist … a violent man, a man of war,” said the Rev. Jerry Falwell on “60 Minutes.” He added, “Jesus set the example for love. … Muhammad set an opposite example.” Murderous riots broke out in India, and an Iranian cleric threatened […]

Say Goodbye to the Golden Land

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 27, 2002 That 70 percent fall in the NASDAQ and 25 percent decline in the Dow, and the recession and unemployment they produced, have begun to cause major collateral damage to municipal and state budgets. The Empire State and the Big Apple are staring at a combined deficit of […]

Moses and Judge Moore vs. Morris Dees

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 25, 2002 Since that fateful day Dwight Eisenhower named Earl Warren chief justice, the U.S. Supreme Court has been engineering a social revolution. Seizing legislative power, the court legalized pornography, declared abortion a constitutional right, abolished the death penalty for a generation and prohibited a once-Christian people from paying […]

Rooting for ‘Hootie’

by Patrick J. Buchanan – November 20, 2002 Not one in 10 million Americans will ever be a member of Augusta National Golf Club. Not one in 100,000 will ever shoot a round of golf at the course Ike and Bobby Jones made famous. Yet, millions are hoping Augusta chairman “Hootie” Johnson does not surrender […]