Political Correctness vs. National Security

By Patrick J. Buchanan – January 11, 2002 Is political correctness acquiring such a hold on the American mind as to constitute a threat to national survival? The question is not asked in jest. For consider, if you will, the latest charges of “racial profiling” laid at the doorstep of John Ashcroft. At issue are […]

How to Mau-Mau a Harvard Don

By Patrick J. Buchanan – January 8, 2002 For students interested in learning how to conduct a first-class shakedown, few finer examples exist than the recent de-pantsing of the president of Harvard, Larry Summers. A thing of beauty it was, and here is how it went down. Last month, Summers called in the highly-paid star […]

War Party vs. the Constitution

By Patrick J. Buchanan – January 4, 2002 With the Taliban dethroned and Osama dead or on the run, the War Party has begun pulling down the invasion maps of Iraq. Op-ed pages and the little magazines are in full blossom with fresh war plans. One scheme is to make the Iraqi National Congress our […]

Say Goodbye to the Mother Continent

By Patrick J. Buchanan – January 1, 2002 “Economic unity and political unity are twins: one cannot be born without the other following,” said Friedrich List, the famed German economist and nationalist. Again and again, history has proven List right. Economic union leads inexorably to political union. The left has always understood this. The right […]